An Independent for Maine Governor?

According to, Maine state representative Barbara Merrill (Democrat) is seriously considering a gubernatorial bid as either a Democrat or an independent.

This could create a problem for Green Party candidate Pat LaMarche who seemed poised to potentially win the support of 10% or more of that state’s voters.


According to the Bangor Daily News, Governor John Baldacci (D) could soon be a facing a more complex race for re-election next year. First-term State Representative Barbara Merrill—a longtime Democratic activist, attorney, and wife of a former Democratic State Chair—appears to be edging towards challenging Baldacci. The only question seems to be whether she will run as a Democrat or as an Independent. So far, Merrill is following the course set in 1994 by wealthy political outsider Angus King, who was elected Maine Governor as an Independent in a mutli-candidate contest. Like King, Merrill has just written a campaign book detailing her plans for improving the state. Unlike King, Merrill lacks the name ID and personal money he had available for the race. Democratic leaders are obviously not happy. “There is overwhelming support within the party for Governor Baldacci,” said State Democratic Chair Pat Colwell. However, polls show Baldacci is vulnerable as his approval rating sagged into the 40s in recent months. Republicans may also face a similar split in the general election. Former Portland Police Chief Mike Chitwood® is considering making an Independent run, as is wealthy bank president James Dowe. Four candidates are already competing for the GOP nomination. Five others have already announced as independent or third party candidates, including 2004 Green Party VP nominee Pat LaMarche.

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