Stern for Governor Flashback

Radio industry publication FMQB has reposted an article from the 1994 Libertarian gubernatorial campaign of shock jock Howard Stern. The piece contains several photos from that year’s state LP convention.

At the convention itself, one observer called the affair a “hostile takeover” that appalled most of the party, referring to Stern’s followers as groupies. Weiner also observed it as “a zoo.” The hall was so packed that paper ballots had to be distributed through the parking lot for the party members that couldn’t get in to cast their votes.

8 Responses to “Stern for Governor Flashback”

  1. IndiPol Says:

    As much as I think Stern is a boring ass when it comes to entertainment i can’t fault him for his fredom of speech principles.

  2. naoko Says:

    That’s what happens when a third party gets hung up on trying to get someone with a bit of celebrity-status.

  3. Rich Moroney Says:

    I was at the “Stern convention” and I remember it all too well.

    The comment above this hits the nail on the head. Not only are we ripe to be steamrolled by a celebrity, but we’re also prime to be defined by a celebrity candidate. In other words, let’s say that Howard Stern had stayed with his campaign for governor of NY right through election day and had really poured himself into it. It would have certainly got a lot of publicity and got the word “Libertarian” in the news a great deal. But it also would have cemented in the minds of an awful lot of people that - Howard Stern’s ideals/issues/principles = Libertarian Party ideals/issues/principles
    and that just ain’t necessarily so. Our first successful candidate on a national stage will define the Libertarian Party for an entire generation of voters.

  4. Ragnar Danashold Says:

    Now, if Stern’s a Libertarian, why did he support John Kerry vocally in 2004?

    And didn’t Drew Carey, Penn and Teller, and Clint Eastwood also come out in support of the Democratic candidate?

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  6. Dugan Says:

    To be frank, Stern’s act is now tiresome. He was interesting to listen too in the late eighties and early nineties because he was the cutting edge. He defied the FCC and put on a show that was risqué and entertained us with his freak show that consisted of lesbians, dwarves, retards and just plain idiots. To say he walked a tightrope during his days on public radio was an understatement. I relate the experience of listening to Stern’s broadcast to having sex before you got married. You KNEW you were doing something that was morally wrong but that’s what made the whole thing exciting. When you finally got married and sex was no longer naughty, the excitement started to wane (Admit it, you KNOW I’m right).

    This is pretty much what happened when Stern moved to Sirius and didn’t have to look over his shoulder to see the FCC Gestapo behind him. Now he could legally use any four letter word he likes and get as raunchy as he wants but now you just don’t care anymore. He didn’t realize that WAS the appeal when he played the renegade. Now he’s just an everyday shock jock and besides, everyone else is doing the same thing (Opie& Andy on the other satellite radio). Really, hasn’t he gone far enough on the fart jokes, and ridiculing retards, lesbians, and dwarfs? 80% of his show now seems to be taken up on ranting about some political issue (earth warming, Bush, you name it). He’s become the know-it-all Hollywood celebrity who thinks everyone should listen to HIS views because he knows more than you do. He’s become the same celebrity that used to repulsive him. The Stern of the eighties would be ashamed of what he transformed too on Sirius. He’d call himself a sell out.

    I think the other issue to Stern losing his 12 million audience has to do with his age. The baby boomers are growing up and losing interest with potty humor. Generation X look at him as some old guy and their “thing” is South Park. Without question, if the South Park crew would ever decide to have to have their own radio broadcast, they would blow Stern right out of the water. CARTMAN RULES!

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