Libertarian Loses Two-Year Seatbelt Fight

From UPI:

An Illinois man who spent more than two years fighting a ticket for not buckling up ended up where he was at the beginning, with a $25 fine.

The long legal battle also cost Kenneth Prazak about $2,000 in legal fees. It could become even more expensive if he is ordered to reimburse the village of Algonquin the thousands of dollars it spent, the Chicago Tribune reported.

Prazak, a member of the Libertarian Party, believes the government has no business ordering anyone to wear a seat belt. He is also convinced that seat belts are unsafe and says he survived an accident a few years ago that would have killed him if he had been properly belted.

Unfortunately for him, Illinois is one of the 49 states that require drivers and front-seat passengers to wear belts. In 2003, not long before Prazak got his ticket, Illinois became one of the states where police officers can pull drivers over simply for not wearing a belt.

5 Responses to “Libertarian Loses Two-Year Seatbelt Fight”

  1. Chris Bennett Says:

    Thats my buddy Ken! Mandatory seat belt laws are ridiculous! The police have better things to do besides going after people who don’t wear seat belts.

  2. Stuart Richards Says:

    Damn right… although I fear this may make us look wacky.

  3. joe average Says:


  4. Ralph Baker Says:

    Behind every government intrusion there awaits a politician hungering for your vote. So here’s a serious question: If, after you’ve given up all your liberties to avoid jail, YOU STILL DON’T VOTE, has the politician truly at-tained his/her goal? Second question: If and after you DO vote… after you are thrown in jail for battling the the intrusions, does the politician side with your viewpoint? Finally, will the politician ever give a damn? The sing-ular answer to all 3 is: ABSOLUTELY NOT!! So-o, let’s strap the pols to a voting booth, put helmets on their absent brains, shove 100proof cigars up their asses….and flick our Bics. May God bless the soul of R. W. Bradford, and Merry Christmas to all L I B E R T A R I A N S ! ! !

  5. Alice Lillie Says:

    Hooray for Ken Prazak! Good for you and your long fight.

    Don’t let them make you pay for their legal battle! If they get your $25 you made them work for it! Way to go.

    You can make them work some more by paying in person counting out pennies and making at least one bureaucrat “witness” on government time.

    Oh, yes, and don’t forget to not buckel up on your way home.

    The most recent L.P. News had an ad for an anti-compulsory buckle-up law website: . I am about to check it out.

    And, my own views on how we lost our freedom, starting about 150 years ago, are at .

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