Gilchrist Loses to Absentee Voters

It looks like the well organized Republican machine delivered for John Campbell, as he actually won Tuesday’s special election entirely on the strength of his absentee support.

Absentee Voter Results

John Campbell (Rep) 30,895 (53.18%)
Steve Young (Dem) 14,697 (25.30%)
Jim Gilchrist (AI) 10,944 (18.84%)
Béa Tiritilli (Grn) 915 (1.58%)
Bruce Cohen (Lib) 644 (1.10%)

Election Day Voters

Jim Gilchrist (AI) 12,293 35.28%
Steve Young (Dem) 11,229 32.23%
John Campbell (Rep) 10,555 30.29%
Béa Tiritilli (Grn) 327 0.94%
Bruce Cohen (Lib) 236 0.68%

11 Responses to “Gilchrist Loses to Absentee Voters”

  1. Joe Says:

    I am convinced that absentee voting is a tool to keep the establishment party entrenched.

  2. rj Says:

    You’ve said before, but every time I have voted it has been by absentee (I’m in my 20s). Until they make the first Tuesday in November a national holiday, I intend to continue.

  3. Vincent Darrah Says:

    rj, are you disabled, or in the military? If not you should HAVE to go to the polls to vote, there is NO reason to have permanent absentee voters.

  4. IndiPol Says:

    Absentee vote, early vote, election day vote…it doesn’t matter. what matters is that people are voting and that the votes are VALID…with no fraud! I strongly suspect though that there are machinations in abesentee voting…especially with the Republicans.

  5. undercover_ararchist Says:


  6. Joe Says:

    Indie, that is precisely the point. The reason for abolishing absentee voting is because it is prone to fraud - as the skewed results in this race suggest.

  7. undercover_ararchist Says:

    Joe: Indi is right, though. Election Day should be a national holiday. If need be, it should be the ONLY national holiday. Then, maybe we could talk about abolishing absentee voting.

  8. Jim 101 Says:

    In most places, if not all, the polls are open for 16 hours on any election day, so IMO, there is no reason not to be able to get to the polling location to vote.

  9. Kyle B Says:

    The polls in Georgia aren’t open for 16 hrs, just for 11 hrs. I could not of voted until I was out of college if it weren’t for absentee voting and due to the hrs my dad works he always has to vote absentee

  10. Kyle B Says:

    I was off by one hr above. the polls in Georgia are open 12 hrs

  11. Vincent Darrah Says:

    I was going to say that 12 hours is long enough since people only work 8. Then I thought of my commute. I wouldnt have time to get ready for work if I went before work, and I probably wouldnt make it after work either. Unless I want to sleep at work. A national holiday for election day isnt a bad idea.

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