Final Results from California

Well, it was a good run for Jim Gilchrist. In the 48th Congressional District’s special election yesterday he managed to poll 25% for a close third.

John Campbell (Rep) - 41,450 votes (44.7%)
Steve Young (Dem) - 25,926 votes (28.0%)
Jim Gilchrist (AmInd) - 23,237 votes (25.1%)
Bea Tiritilli (Grn) - 1,242 votes (1.3%)
Bruce Cohen (Lib) - 880 votes (0.9%)

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  1. Joe Says:

    While Gilchrist’s 25% represents an improvement, what the results suggest to me is that about 25% more voters need to be better informed about the threat posed to America by illegal immigration.

    That is of course assuming that it is Americans who are voting. We know that in my state thousand of illegal aliens vote every election. Who knows how that may have skewed the results in this race?

  2. undercover_ararchist Says:

    Wow, that’s a really low voter turnout.

    Since all the racists, Nazis and theocrats showed up for sure, this shows that Gilchrist’s fascist views are not really that popular.

    25% of the low turnout = around 10% in a regular election. Less even.

    I just can’t believe the Niner fans didn’t GOTV for Steve Young. Drumroll please!

  3. Joe Says:

    I don’t have the actual record books, but I would venture to say that
    this is the best outing for an AIP Congressional Candidate in the
    history of California politics.

    Sure, the campaign “could” have been run differently, and anybody who
    has an opinion regarding this should voice it in a constructive
    manner for future success for alternative party’s candidates. Personally, I
    would have loved to have seen the abortion issue discussed with more
    frequency and fervency. Others may differ with this opinion and may
    offer even more compelling suggestions.

    Nonetheless, 25 percent is nothing to sneeze at. Republican John Campbell, who won the election with a plurality, couldn’t even get a majority of votes. Perhaps this is the first time in the history of that
    Congressional District, which is rabidly Republican, that a
    Congressional victor failed to win 50%? Gilchrist should be

  4. Michael Says:

    Undercover, you say the AIP is made up of “racists, Nazis, ect.” Where’s your proof? (We now take a long pause because Undercover is in shock that someone has insisted on some evidence for his statement!)

  5. Joey Dauben Says:

    I would have loved to see Gilchrist run as a primary challenge to Campbell, but I forgot that it was a special election. However, if the Constitution Party can make it on every ballot in 2008’s presidential election, I would like to see Gilchrist and Roy Moore run as a ticket.

    Talk about a Republican revolution right there.

  6. Joe Says:

    Republican John Campbell garnered 53.18% of the absentee vote and just 30.29% of those who voted on election day in the December 6th Special Election in the 48th Congressional District.

    American Independent Party (Constitution Party) candidate Jim Gilchrist got just 18.84% of the absentee vote, but captured a whalloping 35.28% of the election day vote, WHICH IS MORE THAN THE REPUBLICAN RECEIVED!

    To put it simply, a third party candidate, Gilchrist, outpolled the Republican and Democratic candidates on election day votes.

  7. rj Says:

    I think this site showed during the primary that Campbell had an amazingly high number of absentee votes than too. That shows the organization is top-notch, and also that Campbell’s election is much to it. If I was an aspiring Republican in his district, I think it’s not beyond reason for a Republican to come in and defeat him in a primary.

    Election Day Vote

    Gilchrist - 12293 - 35.28%
    Young - 11229 - 32.23%
    Campbell - 10555 - 30.29%

    So it’s inferred that Absentee was…

    Campbell - 30895 - 53.18%
    Young - 14697 - 25.30%
    Gilchrist - 10994 - 18.84%

    Roughly 75% of Campbell’s votes came absentee. A little more than 60% of Young’s came absentee. Only a little more than half of Gilchrist were in the mail.

  8. Citizen1 Says:

    The absentee vs election day number may also indicate that as more people heard Gilchrist they changed there mind and decided to vote for him. He should start his 2006 campaign today.

  9. Joe Says:

    I am convinced that absentee voting is a tool to keep the establishment
    party entrenched.

  10. IndiPol Says:

    Remember there are valid reasons for abentee voting. I think that the Republicans do a great job (unfortunately) in getting out early and absentee voting.

  11. Joe Says:

    Maybe so, but isn’t that a good reason for alternative parties to oppose the use of widespread absentee voting? Minor exceptions can still be made for certain individuals such as shut-ins and those in the military who are deployed away from home.

    Does any alternative party currently oppose absentee voting?

  12. Jim 101 Says:

    While I am truly sorry that Gilchrist didn’t win this election, I am even more sorry that he didn’t at least beat the Democratic contender, whose answer to illegal immigration was to have the illegals pay a fee at the border in order to enter our country!

    How in the world did this man beat Gilchrist!?

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