Libertarian Enters Texas Special Election

From News 8:

The Libertarian Party announced their candidate for the upcoming special election.

Ben Easton will run for the state representative seat vacated by Todd Baxter.

Easton said the special election will give people the chance to learn about the Libertarian party since it’s the only election in January.

“The Libertarian Party likes to take advantage of any leverage we can. With this seat vacated by Todd Baxter, it just gives us a chance to be a little more public,” he said.

Easton, 46, is a teacher who previously ran on the Libertarian ticket for District 136 (Harris County) in 1992.

District 48 includes Westlake, Tarrytown and parts of Northwest Austin.

Ben Bentzin is the Republican candidate, and Donna Howard is the Democratic candidate.

The special election will be held on Monday, Jan. 17.

3 Responses to “Libertarian Enters Texas Special Election”

  1. George Whitfield Says:

    Good for you Ben. Is this in the 10th Congressional District that Michael Badnarik is running for US House in 2006?

  2. Austin Cassidy Says:

    It looks like a little bit of it might overlap. The maps on the Texas site are a little hard to read for someone not very familiar with the area.

  3. Stephen Gordon Says:


    If I recall, there is a lot of overlap. Hope all is well with you.


    Should you find a URL for this campaign (or any other), would you please let me know so I can update my database.

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