Nebraska Greens Hope for 5% in 2006

From Ballot Access News:

The Nebraska Green Party expects to qualify for the 2006 ballot statewide, and also hopes its 2006 candidate for Secretary of State, Doug Paterson, will poll the needed 5% to keep the party on the ballot automatically for 2008. The party is two-thirds done with its 2006 petition. No other minor party is expected to be on the Nebraska ballot in 2006. Assuming the Green Party does qualify statewide in 2006, it will be the first time the party has been on the statewide ballot for any office other than president.

One Response to “Nebraska Greens Hope for 5% in 2006”

  1. Stuart Richards Says:

    Egh… just rubbing salt in the wounds of the LPNE, this is. We lost our ballot access in 2005. But then again, this is quite possibly the most statist state in the Union-nobody else, not even in New York or the Left Coast, has a socialistic state-run power district. Our choice is and always has been between religious nuts on the right and big-government progressives/socialists on the left. So yeah… have fun with this state, Greens. You’ll love it here.

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