Gilchrist is “Not Squishy” on Immigration

I just received this mass email from the Gilchrist campaign…

Message from Democrat Bill Orton
Former candidate for California State Assembly, District 67

My name is Bill Orton. I recently was the Democratic party nominee for a state legislative seat in Orange County. Among other things, I took a lot of guff from my own party activists over my view that anyone wishing to drive in the state ought to show live-and-work evidence, like I had to do when I lived overseas (in Scandinavia) and drove on their roadway.

As a Democrat, activist, and person who always votes, I may not agree with every view that Jim Gilchrist has on the immigration policy—or other views. But there’s one thing for sure: He is consistent. He isn’t squishy, not a bit, on our nation’s immigration policies.

You can’t say Sen. John Campbell isn’t squishy on the immigration issue.

In a roomful of Americans, you can ask ten people for their views and they’ll have thirty ways of thinking every answer, but the people who I trust in that room are the Not Squishy ones.

There’s no squish with Jim Gilchrist.

You can’t say that about the Senator.

Wishing you a warm holiday season,
William R. “Bill” Orton
Costa Mesa, CA

Democratic party nominee, 2002
67th State Assembly District

PS: I think it’s great that Jim Gilchrist has the endorsement of rank-and-file border police agents for tomorrow’s election. As the COPE-endorsed candidate when I ran as a Democrat for the state legislature in 2002, I’m impressed to see AFGE’s National Border Patrol Council President T.J. Bonner out here on his own time campaigning for Mr. Gilchrist in tomorrow’s election.

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