Perot To Invest in Former UK Prison?

Ross Perot appears to be on the verge of investing in a major development project in Ireland. One thing I noted was the mention of his son (Ross Jr.) as the chairman. Does anyone know what his political leanings might be?

From BBC News World Edition:

He’s the Texan billionaire who twice ran for the White House.

Now Ross Perot, who made his millions in computers, wants to be involved in the transformation of the government-owned site of the former Maze prison.

The BBC has been told that representatives of Ross Perot’s property development group - which is chaired by his son Ross Perot Jr - is one of a handful of international developers who have been shown around the 360-acre site.

Tony Whitehead of the Strategic Investment Board, which is driving the project for the government, says the group specialises in developing old airfields like the former Long Kesh site.

It is understood Mr Perot himself may be planning a flying visit to the Maze in January.

Ross Perot is a former lieutenant in the US Navy who went on to become one of modern America’s greatest success stories making a fortune in computers and earning the title of “fastest, richest Texan” from Fortune magazine in 1968.

But it is in the sphere of politics that he is best known.

In the 1992 US presidential election, he became the most successful third-party candidate in terms of the popular vote since Theodore Roosevelt in 1912, with a 19% share.

He was less successful in 1996, but once again received an unusually high vote for a third-party candidate.

He is still a colourful figure, as much admired for his business acumen as he is mocked for his eccentricities.

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