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Party Supply Stores…

It is the holiday shopping season, so I thought I’d take a quick look around the various party websites and see what kind of merchandise each was selling.

The Constitution Party’s store appears to be empty except for a free “information packet” that visitors can request. However, they are pushing a Peroutka video on their front page.

The America First Party’s store is surprisingly well stocked with items to promote that party as well as a selection of books by the likes of Pat Buchanan.

The Communist Party USA, also somewhat surprisingly, has a nice selection of stickers, t-shirts, and a few other items. There is a picture of a huggable teddy bear on the sidebar of the page, but that doesn’t seem to be featured in the store at this time. :(

The Green Party has probably the best online store. Lots of buttons, stickers, and other party promotional items. Plus they feature Pennant Flags, Car Magnet Ribbons, the official party platform, the ability to subscribe to their newspaper, CDs, and coffee!

The big one that’s missing… does anyone out there know what in the world is up with the Libertarian Party’s Liberty Store? It’s been closed for quite a while now and with the 2006 elections not really that far away, I would think candidates are going to be needing some of those materials soon.

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  1. undercover_ararchist Says:

    Austin—Didn’t you hear about the LP store? Jeez, I thought I read it here. It seems that the LP outsourced the order processing to some shysters who were pocketing people’s money and not sending out the goods.

  2. Vincent Darrah Says:

    you can find CP stuff at

  3. Austin Cassidy Says:

    ua, I knew that much… but it’s been a long time since they shut the store down. With less than a year left before the elections I would have thought it would be open again.

  4. Joe Says:

    See also

  5. Sean Haugh Says:

    Every aspect of what undercover_anarchist says is completely untrue. I write about this at some length in my LNC meeting report on my blog. The executive summary is that the Libertarian Party has been freaked out by BCRA for months, and finally agreed to outsource their material sales to Webb Garlinghouse of National Electronic Type in Topeka. Should be up and running within a few weeks at I agree it’s quite lame that they’ve not had materials available for months, but at least there’s hope.

  6. undercover_ararchist Says:

    Sean: Sorry. That’s what I had heard. Austin had apparently heard that as well. I didn’t make it up. In fact, I think I read that on the LP web site. ???

  7. NewFederalist Says:

    Who cares what crap the LP has available? They haven’t had any really good stuff for 15 years (in my humble opinion!) and no other minor party ever sells ANYTHING!

  8. Austin Cassidy Says:

    This was the statement on the website:

    “We have suspended all material sales pending outsourcing to a responsible vendor. We apologize for the inconvenience. Once a company has been identified that will produce LP materials—brochures, fliers, stickers, t-shirts, etc., we will promptly link to the appropriate website.

    Note that if you have any pending orders, please contact Chris Thorman at 202-333-0008, ext. 0 to request a refund or fulfillment.”

    It suggests that the previous vendor was not responsible. I ordered a few small items about 2 years ago and never received anything, so I think it’s safe to say there were problems. It was only like $7 worth of stuff, so I guess that’s why I never got around to complaining much… but it’s really not good if that was happening to a lot of people.

    I think it would be really smart to sell a small kit of 2 or 3 plastic bag yard signs with folded up metal stakes… maybe $10. They could be shipped in a single round tube and could feature the party name and “LP.ORG” in big letters. Better than bumperstickers or buttons…

  9. Jay Edgar Says:

    I’m looking forward to the reopening of the LP store. In the meantime there are lots of other places were freedom oriented literature can be found. We have found that the pamphlets at are very good. They run about a nickel each.


  10. Roger Snyder Says:

    The Green Party of Suffolk County NY
    has been around for a while.

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