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More Green Victories from November

The always-excellent Ken Sain reports on a bundle of newly reported Green Party victories from last month’s election:

The national Green Party office continues to update the election database with more Green victories in 2005.

The latest figures: Greens ran in 176 races in 2005 and so far 43 Greens were elected to office. That translates to Greens won 24.4 percent of the seats they ran for.

Pennsylvania Greens still lead all the states, winning 12 races. Diane White, a member of the Green National Committee, won two races: Inspector of elections and Judge of elections in Harrisburg Ward 2, Precinct 2. I’ve been told that she declined the inspector’s job and accepted the judge’s job.

A Green also won an election in Ohio. Dennis Spisak finished third to take the final seat on the Mahoning Board of Education. There were five candidates vying for the three seats.

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  1. Stuart Richards Says:

    Congrats, Greens! Together we can force open the electoral system.

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