Our Interview with Randy Stufflebeam

Randy Stufflebeam is the current chairman of the Constitution Party of Illinois and will be the party’s candidate for governor of that state in 2006. We had the opportunity to talk with him and find out a little more about his campaign.

TPW: Why did you decide to run for Governor of Illinois?:

Stufflebeam: The reasons that I decided to run are several and it’s hard to determine which is more important. The need for men of integrity to become involved at every level of government is great. The need is probably the greatest in the state of Illinois.

1) Because Someone has to: The Constitution Party of Illinois (CPI) has declared a goal of getting a constitutional governor elected in 2006. As Chairman for the Constitution Party of Illinois, it fell to my responsibility to look for someone who would run. The more I looked, the more it became apparent that we were not going to get a “Big Name” candidate to run for a “Third Party.” The more I realized this the more the question, “If not me, then who” became more and more prevalent to the point of me writing a message to the central states chairman and the national chairman indicating that I haven’t been able to find any one to run and that I was considering the run myself. I received a one line response from the Central States Chairman, “Run Randy Run!”

2) To be an example: As Chairman, I was asking people (especially members of the party) to consider running for office. I decided that as leader of the party that I needed to set the example. I couldn’t think of any more appropriate office for the Chairman of the state party to run for than Governor of the state. I wanted to show people that if a common man such as myself could run (AND WIN) for governor, they could themselves run for other offices at every level of government within the state. I’m hoping that my example will encourage everyone that they need to get involved to preserve our republic.

3) For My children: Based on a speech that I heard, I have begun considering what it will mean to my children’s and grandchildren’s future if someone doesn’t stand up for our Constitution and our Constitutional rights. We are headed towards a total police state in which all of our “Bill of Rights” will have no meaning, all at the justification of “Protection.” Benjamin Franklin said, “Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both.” I stand now against this tyranny that would rob us of our liberties before it’s too late. I never want to hear the words for my children, “Why dad??? Why didn’t you take a stand while you had the chance?? Why didn’t you stand for liberty??”

4) Because of the issues: There are so many issues that are NOT being handled properly in the state of Illinois. There are several that come to mind. Because of the lack of “Accountability and Responsibility,” Illinois has become known as the most corrupt state in the union. Not only that, but statistics show that Illinois is the number one WORST at taking care of our veterans. Being a veteran myself, this is an atrocity that I can not stomach and will immediately make appointments and changes that will remedy this situation. I don’t see anyone talking about these issues, so again, the question comes to mind, “If not me, then who?”


TPW: Considering your lack of political experience, what makes you sure that you will make a good governor?

Stufflebeam: Although I have never held public office, surviving a career in the Marine Corps was a political experience all of its own. For over 22 years, my life was dictated by politics. For 22 years I made and oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States. Moving into public office will just be an extension of that oath and service. For 22 years supported and defended the Constitution against the “Foreign” enemy, I will now fulfill that oath to protect it against the domestic enemy; those who usurp the authority of the constitution and the guaranteed rights of our citizens as enumerated by our constitution, both state and U.S.

Political experience alone is not what would make me a good governor. Just take a look at what we have had before us. In fact, if prior experience with past governors is any indication, maybe political experience is a bad thing.

No, it isn’t political experience (or the lack there of) that will make me a good governor, it is LEADERSHIP!! Leadership is something that I know and understand. From the first day in Marine Corps boot camp, a Marine is trained to be a leader; to take charge in the worst of circumstances. I know how to organize, manage and motivate. I know what it means to be held accountable and responsible and know how to hold others accountable and responsible.


TPW: What is the biggest difference between you and Governor Blagojevich?

Stufflebeam: There are many and it will be hard to say what the biggest is. First of all, I will adhere to The Constitution of both the state of Illinois and our U.S. Constitution and ensure complete adherence throughout the state of Illinois. Secondly, I am Pro-life, Pro-2nd Amendment, Pro-Family. I will demand accountability and responsibility of not only myself, but for every level of government within the state of Illinois. I will be fair and equitable across the state and not concentrate on one particular locality.


TPW:You have an excellent radio ad on your website right now. Are you planning to make radio advertising on conservative talk stations a major part of your campaign?

Stufflebeam: Thank you! Yes, I am planning to make radio advertising a very important part of my campaign. However, not only on conservative radio, BUT liberal as well. People need to know that there is a viable option to having to vote for “The Lesser of Two Evils.”

There is a commercial that has been out for years that says, “Pork, the other white meat.” The commercial is trying to sell pork in the shadow of chicken. Pork will never become a “Prominent” choice to the other meats as long as it compares itself (or lives in the shadow) of chicken.

The same holds true with my campaign!! I am not, “Randy, the other conservative.” I am Randy, “The Constitutionalist!” The principles and issues that I stand for are not just a conservative political philosophy, but are “right principles”. They are the principles that the average American citizen believes in regardless of the political affiliation. This is the reason why I chose to run as a constitutionalist candidate. I don’t truly fit the bill in either of the two major parties. For those who know me, they will testify to the fact that I definitely do not fit the bill of a moderate.

While there will be people who will say that I’m conservative because I’m “pro-life” and fit the republican profile; I know several people who are PRO-LIFE DEMOCRATS. The list goes on and you all know what I am talking about.

Finally, I am looking for people who believe in these principles and are tired of “Politics as Usual” to sponsor this radio spot (and others as they come) on their local radio stations. If we are going to save this state and these United States, it will take “We the People” to get actively involved. Like the commercial says, “It not time for a change. It’s time for a revolution!” This country had a revolution once before to save it from the tyranny of the king. Now we are going to have to save it from the tyranny of “Big Government” and those who would usurp our rights as guaranteed by the “Constitution” and the “Bill of Rights.”


TPW: How did you feel about Alan Keyes swooping into Illinois to run for Senate in 2004?

Stufflebeam: I don’t know that I really have anything to say negatively about Alan Keyes himself. It wasn’t his fault that the Illinois Republican Party is so disenchanted with what is available here in Illinois that they had to look outside the state for a man of principle to represent the party.

It is a very telling tale that they tell about themselves. It is another strong affirmation of my reason for joining the Constitution Party. I disagree whole heartedly with importing candidates. I believe you should have to be a citizen of the state (or whatever jurisdiction you would be representing) for a number of years before ever being able to run for an office in a community that you have never had any cares or concerns for before.

By and large, both the Democrats and Republicans have forgotten “We the People.” Those who have been in politics and political power for years, have forgotten that it is “We the People;” the common man who owns the government, not the other way around. In spite of the fact that Illinois has become known as the most corrupt state in the union, there are still principled men and women who live here; whose lives have been affected by the corruption of politics, the over burden of taxation and misuse of taxpayers money; it is these people who should be the candidates and elected to office here in Illinois.

While I believe that Alan Keyes is a man of principle, I am glad he, as a person who was not a resident of Illinois, did not get elected. Though many would argue that he was the best choice for the position, there were other men and women in the state of Illinois that the Republican Party could have nominated.

However, I must say that because many within the Republican Party feel exactly the same way, and felt betrayed by their party, there has never been a better time, than right now for a third party candidate to REALLY have a shot at winning elections here in Illinois. And note that I said “electionS,” because this holds true for every office that will be open season at the November 2006 elections.


TPW: How much money have you raised and spent so far in your quest to become the next Governor of Illinois?

Stufflebeam: So far I have raised about $500.00 and have spent around $750.00 in driving around this state. Actually, these numbers should be very exciting and motivating. It’s incredible the number of people that have been reached in the past 6 months. I realize that more will have to be reached in order to win the election. I have just recently contracted with a campaign fund raising organization that will begin raising funds the first of the year. We have some VERY exciting things planned for the spring campaign trail.


TPW: How much do you think you will need to raise in order to win?

Stufflebeam: If I were able to motivate all the citizens of the state of Illinois who are dissatisfied with our state officials and their own political parties, I wouldn’t have to raise another penny. However, thought I don’t have the name recognition that Jesse Ventura had, I believe that I can match him and keep the needed costs under $500,000.

When it comes to money, here are some interesting things:

1) I know that Ron Gidwitz has already spent over 3 million dollars in television advertisements in the Chicago area. Well, it doesn’t look like for all the money he spent on advertising that he is the most popular candidate.

2) Jim Oberweis personally told me that if I didn’t have 10 million dollars, I didn’t have a chance to win. Interestingly, Mr. Oberweis’ 10 million dollars has done him very little good in his last three bids for a political office.

3) Rod Blagojevich has at least 30 million dollars and it is my contention that it will not do him all that much good, since he has betrayed so many people here in Illinois.

I believe that if I could win this election for under 500,000 dollars, it would show the Illinois citizens that I am serious about putting the money back in their pocket. Again, I would be happy not to have to raise another cent in this campaign, but there will be advertisement costs for yard signs, bumper stickers, etc.


TPW: Finally, do you have any favorites for the 2008 Constitution Party Presidential nomination, and would you consider being a candidate yourself?

Stufflebeam: Actually, I do have a favorite, Michael Peroutka, our 2004 Presidential Candidate. Over the course of a year and a half, not only have I followed his campaign, I have gotten to personally know him. Though he hasn’t announced that he will run in 2008, I would most definitely support his presidential campaign and do all that I can do to see him elected.

One of the reasons that the Constitution Party of Illinois was seeking for a Gubernatorial Candidate is so that we can get our “Presidential Candidate” on ballot. As noted in question #1, as chairman for the party, it fell to my responsibility to find a Gubernatorial Candidate who would garner at least 5% of the vote so that we will have state ballot access in 2008. Interestingly, though we had just over 40 members in the party, Peroutka received around 450 votes in Illinois in the 2004 presidential race. This just goes to show that people are looking for a viable alternative to the “Lesser of Two Evils.”

As far as considering a run for Presidency in 2008, no. Right now, my focus is on the state of Illinois and the need for leadership to restore constitutionality here first. I don’t believe that either the state or I will be ready for me to leave with just two years under my belt as governor. I suspect with the depth of corruption that is running in this state, it will take a while to get at the root of it. It is my goal to make Illinois “THE shining beacon of hope” for rest of the Union; to be an example to “We the People” in other states; to give them inspiration and aspiration to take ownership of their own states again.


In the interests of “full disclosure” - Randy was kind enough to purchase a small ad on Third Party Watch several months ago. This in no way influenced our interview with him.

His campaign is newsworthy as it seems to be one of the most active Constitution Party campaigns for 2006 and due to the recent decision by the Libertarian Party to avoid contesting any Illinois state-wide races.

20 Responses to “Our Interview with Randy Stufflebeam”

  1. undercover_ararchist Says:

    The Green candidate in this race appears to be pretty legit.

  2. Lee Says:

    Randy Stufflebeam stands for major issues that many GOP members stand for that the GOP front runner, Judy Baar Topinka, does not.

  3. LM Says:

    I disagree with Stufflebeam’s choice for President in 2008. Peroutka didn’t receive enough votes to make a precent in the popular election and the CP should find a more effective candidate.

  4. James D Harris Says:

    Mr. Stufflebeam got my vote this general election in Illinois this year. Says all the right things!

  5. Mike Says:

    Rany is the best candidate for Illinois Governor. The Green party candidate is a supporter of the gay political agenda just as the GOP candidate and the Democrat incumbant. I learned about Randy from a google search and through his web-site www.runrandyrun.com

    The GOP started out as a third political party in Racine Wisconsin in the mid-1800’s and four years after starting out as a third political party the nation elected Abraham Lincoln as our 16th President. The Contitutiion Party of Illinois has been around longer than four years and it is time for a change from the two political parties that put Illinois government and it’s budget in such a mess. Go visit Rany’s web-site www.runrandyrun.com
    Cast a write-in vote for Randy Stufflebeam Illinois Governor!

  6. Patriotic Jones Says:

    Stufflebeam is running as a write-in candidate. It looks like he is getting great support.

  7. Mike Says:

    Randy Stufflebeam is getting support from newspapers, interviews on radio stations, has an army of disenfranchised Republicans, disenfranchised Democrats, disenfranchised Green Party members (who didn’t know just how liberal it was when they joined it), conservative Libertarians, Independents. He has tapped into the majority of the state’s upset registered voters who are sick of what George Ryan and the currant Democrat Governor and Liberal/Moderate State Treasurer Judy Topinka and Liberal/Moderate State Legislators of both major Parties have done to the Illinois Budget. Spending without accountability!! Illinois needs the Marine discipline skills of Randy Stufflebeam to agian have leadership and accountability in Illinois. He is also the ONLY candidate that even the Chicago Tribune newspaper knows will fight hardest to protect traditional marriages/civil unions. All the others support enabling same-sex civil unions (a secular state marriage for same-sex cohabitants). Go learn more about Randy and support his campaign at www.runrandyrun.com

  8. Joyce Hollenberg Says:

    I have been looking for a biographical of Randy Stufflebeam. I am a conservative voter, not committed to any party and usually vote a split ticket based upon the candidate views. Any information about Randy in addition to his military would be appreciated. Wife and children, religion, what civic and fraternal ties does he have? I have forwarded his website to my conservative friends. Thanks. J

  9. Mike Says:

    Randy Stufflebeam (write-in) candidate for Illinois Governor is getting many new supporters daily distributing his web site literature from www.runrandyrun.com He is still the ONLY candidate for Governor in Illinois that supports a marriage protection amendment question to be placed on the ballot. All others are against having the voters of Illinois voting on the marriage protection amendment questionas to if they support marriage being defined as only one man to only one woman. He is also ONLY candidate that is against letting illegal aliens be in Illinois or employed in the USA or get amnisty or guest worker status.

    He has posted personal biographical info about himself on different links in his campaign web site www.runrandyrun.com

    Illinois needs rail and bus commuters learning about him and voting write-in for him. Seniors are beginning to recieve his literature. He vis also the only candidate that would not abort a future voter now still in her mother’s womb. He is also 100% supportive of law abiding residents of the USA having their second amendment gun ownership right protected. He knows that signers of the USA Constitution valued Faith, Family, Freedom.

  10. Craig Says:

    Help save Illinois from unaccountability. Write-in STUFFLEBEAM!

  11. Steve Hellin Says:

    I’m thrilled to learn that a site like this exists. I hope that you will also be interested in interviewing the Libertarian write-in candidate Mark McCoy (www.markmccoy.com).

    Mark is a long time defender of rights - and as a Collinsville resident is THE Metro-East candidate in this election.

    Mark has challenged any and all candidates to a real debate - any time, any place, any format.

    Mark is the only candidate who has pledged to NOT take any compensation from the state after his term has ended.

    This working class hero has dedicated his life to the pursuit of freedom and is willing to defend it at any and all levels of government. He is a true inspiration to all who seek the restoration of LIBERTY and FREEDOM.

    Please contact me to setup an interview or possible appearances.


    Steve Hellin
    “Chief Liberty Officer”
    Chairman and Co-Founder of the Committee to Elect Libertarian Mark McCoy Governor of Illinois
    [email protected]

  12. Susan Teats Says:

    Randy Stufflebeam is correct that our veterans do not get the recognition that they deserve. He has been there and experienced this. My dad, Kenneth Stufflebeam, did not get his due recognition until after his death in May of 2006, when a plaque was given for his gravesite. I’m behind Randy all the way!

  13. Cindi For My Country Says:

    I strongly agree with the issue about our veterans. My dad was a WWII veteran who was critically injured. He did not get the help he deserved when he needed it. Good luck Randy. You have my support.

  14. Brandon Williams Says:

    If every one who said that they don’t want to “waste a vote” on a write-in will actualy vote for the right person, Randy will be in office. What is the point of voting, if we just choice a bad candidate, or some one we don’t think is worth putting it office. I have my third child on the way and I am scaird of what has happened to IL. Not to mentian what kind of state they will grow up in. Mr Stufflebeam will reshape the state into what it used to be. A state based on the state & US Constitution. Not based on another countries ideas and morals (or lack of). A third party candidate CAN win. Look at good old Abe Lincoln. He became a republican president and that party was only four years old. THEY were a third pary at that point . God willing it can be done.

  15. Joshua Zambrano Says:

    Looks like a good site here. I voted for Stufflebeam, and for Peroutka in 2004. It seems like every democrat or republican gets their office these days from underhandedness and being in the pocket of their party leaders. I’m glad to see a party that is not only willing to stand up against abortion and champion marriage (for “irreconcilable differences” and “gender choice” are so watering down the meaning of marriage that soon it will have no meaning at all) but also looks to take care of veterans, stop the Iraq war, and bring jobs back to the US by getting rid of NAFTA (a big reason companies are moving factories over to Mexico). It’s just too bad there are finally honest politicians to vote for, who are bluntly honest even to the point of alienating potential voters, who aren’t afraid to speak about the controversial topics, and who aren’t going to get supported by a nation that no longer seems to care about much of anything.

  16. Jeff Says:

    My wife and I both voted for Randy, and I’m looking for the write-in vote totals. Every one I’ve seen so far has the generic “write-in”, not specific to Randy’s total. Is it possible to get Randy’s actual vote total?

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  20. Brendan Mcknight Says:

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