Constitution Party Bids for Libertarian Support

With the news that Libertarians would skip running any statewide candidates in Illinois next year, that state’s Constitution Party jumped on the opportunity and has fired off the following press release:

As a fellow “Third Party” organization, the Constitution Party of Illinois (CPIL) is saddened to hear that the Illinois Libertarians have voted not to run any statewide nominees in 2006. The CPIL applauds the Libertarians of Illinois for their service and sacrifices made to maintain ballot-access and to run candidates throughout the past forty years in a two-party dominated political arena.

The CPIL will be seeking ballot-access for the first time in Illinois in the gubernatorial race of 2006. With very few exceptions, the Constitution and Libertarian Parties have the same goal of returning to the Constitution as the “law of the land.”

It seems that the “two-party system” that we have (especially in Illinois) is nothing more than the left wing and the right wing of the same bird flying in the wrong direction.

The CPIL would welcome all liberty-loving Illinois citizens to join us in the fight to gain ballot-access in the gubernatorial race of 2006. Further, CPIL would welcome those who would like to run as a candidate at any level of government here in Illinois. We are looking for candidates for the “Constitutional Offices” of Lt. Governor, Secretary, Comptroller, Treasurer, and Attorney General. We are looking for candidates for Senators and Representatives. We are looking for candidate for county offices such as board members and committeemen.

If you ever considered running for office, NOW IS THE TIME! The field is wide open and there has never been a better time for a third party candidate to become elected. With both of the major parties being riddled with scandal, Illinois citizens are looking for a viable alternative. Let’s give it to them.

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  1. IndiPol Says:

    I still just don’t get a feeling that there is a broad overlap of CP and LP ideas. I’m not associated with either party so I’d be interested in CP and LP supporters thoughts on this.

  2. NewFederalist Says:

    Absent the abortion and drug issues there is more overlap than one might think between Libertarians and Constitutionalists. Both side just choose to apply litmus tests which eliminate the other. Since the LP has decided to take a pass on battling the system in Illinois this year it would be nice to see them step up and work with the CP. The same would be true in those states where the CP has decided to take a pass. It is just senseless for minor parties like the LP and the CP to expend effort on deriding one another when the real enemy is the Demorepublicrats!

  3. Jim 101 Says:

    I agree with NewFederalist.

    With a surging amount of frustration in the land with the status quo of the 2 major parties, it’s a very good time for like-minded third parties to align themselves for the greater cause. I to agree that the LP and CP have quite alot in common, and an alignment between the two could and should happen.

    The biggest problem that the CP could have with drawing in LP members, is the very heavy religous tone it takes on everything it says and does. That could prove to be a difficulty.

    It’ll be interesting to see if it comes about…

  4. Stuart Richards Says:

    If the CPIL does gain a surge of libertarian support, I’m willing to bet said religious references will be heavily toned down. Not every Constitution Party affiliate places a heavy emphasis on the religious aspects of the national party’s platform-I know that the Alaskan affiliate (which has 20,000 members) doesn’t even mention religion at all in their documents.

    So honestly, I think that’s more or less what will happen in Illinois if this ends up working out… and the drug and immigration planks in the LP are what hinders us most from success, so who knows? The CP may go somewhere in Illinois, at least until the state Libertarian Party starts succeeding on the local level.

  5. Randall C. Stufflebeam Says:

    First, I want to thank Austin for posting this press release. Please feel free to send this out far and wide so that there is the best chance that those who need to, will see it.

    Second, in light of the “Relgious” issues mentioned above, I thought I would post the following. It can also be found on my campaign website as a “Disclaimer” on the “Issues Page.”
    For those of you, who may not share my faith, do not be alarmed. I am not now, nor will I ever push for a “Theocracy” in the Constitution Party of Illinois, the State of Illinois or the United States of America.

    However, DO NOT forget, that almost without exception, every one of our Founding Fathers were “deeply religious” men. It was these “deeply religious” men who brilliantly framed the Constitution of the United States. They created a constitution which also included a “Bill of Rights.” The First of which states that, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…” This includes your right NOT to be religious if that’s your choice. So, whether you are religious or not, don’t be afraid to support another “deeply religious” man (just as our founding fathers WERE) who will stand up for ALL of our freedoms (just as our founding fathers DID). It is because of my convictions that God has created us all as equal and free men (and women), that I stand against the tyranny that threatens our freedoms, both within the state of Illinois and our these United State of America.

    I spent over 22 years in the United States Marine Corps fighting the “Foreign Enemy” to protect these rights. I now am endeavoring to continue that fight against the “Domestic Enemy” of our freedom. Join with me in this “War for Independence” against a government that wants to control every aspect of our lives.

  6. Joe Says:

    As I see it, the difference between the Constitution Party and the Libertarian party derives from the Constitution Party’s explicit objective “to restore American jurisprudence to its Biblical foundations” which the Libertarian Party does not share. The policy differences between our two parties on life, family, gambling, and immigration are manifestations of that philosophical difference.

    However, that doesn’t mean we can’t work together on areas where we do agree. The Constitution Party of New York and the Libertarian Party of New York have a good relationship. We have an informal agreement not to run candidates opposed to each other in races other president, governor, and US Senate and we are currently working together on two projects, including a rally in the state capital in Albany planned for April.

  7. Angela Wittman Says:

    Dear Friends,

    I would rather be divided by truth, than united in error.

    I have no “gentleman’s (or ladies) agreement” with any political party in Illinois.

  8. NewFederalist Says:

    Joe’s comments remind me of the Alliance of UK politics a few years back. Basically the Liberals and Social Democrats agreed to not get in each others way with regard to elections of MPs. While it was not a perfect solution (eventually the two parties merged into today’s Liberal Democrats) it did allow each party to concentrate resources on fewer races thus making life more miserable for Labour and the Tories. Not a bad goal! It would be nice to think we could do the same for the Demorepublicrats.

  9. Chris Bennett Says:

    Prime example why the Constitution Party hasn’t gorrn anywhere in Illinois because you folks rather isolate yourselves than form coalitions with those who agree with you. However in recent months I have become more disappointed with the Libertarian Party because they do not know how to be a political party. Get off your isolational rears and form coalitions, it’s the only way third parties will exist!

  10. Angela Wittman Says:

    Yes, politics does make strange bedfellows… This is why I only support proven Christian Statesmen instead of politicians and choose to remain chaste.

    Whatever happened to “principle over politics”? Looks like we may have more than “the left wing and the right wing of the same bird flying in the wrong direction.” How about a whole flock flying in the wrong direction? You can count me out.

  11. Angela Wittman Says:

    Dear Chris,

    I find your criticism a little undiscerning… Are you suggesting forming alliances with all third parties, ex. The Marijuana Party and The Prohibition Party? What is so bad about standing for principle, even if you stand alone? This, dear friends, is what Patrick Henry stood for. Have you bought into the NWO? Here America is losing her sovereignty, and you are advocating that we, as independents, should cast aside our differences (uh, oh, I am politically incorrect!) and form some sort of coalition/alliance (like on Survivor perhaps?) to defeat the one party system in this nation? What will you gain? Another one party sytem!

  12. Tim West Says:

    wow! So the CP has principled people that have no knowledge of politics or care, just like the LP! :D

    And here I thought the LP was “special”! :D

  13. Chris Bennett Says:

    I’m not proposing those kind of alliances Angela…I proposing alliances on issues we may agree on like state soverignit, cutting taxes, the War in Iraq and the like. Believe it or not I am an Evangelical Christian and very pro-life. I believe that marijuana should be DECRIMINALIZED because there is much medical benefit to it. The only type of people who are going to be attracted to the CP are those ultra-right wing Martin Linstadt goosestepper types who make white folks and Christians look bad. Forming issue oriented alliances is not going to pollute the ideologies of your organization.

  14. Angela Wittman Says:

    Dear Chris,

    Please be aware that I am no longer part of the Constitution Party in Illinois. I take no responsibility for any of this. I am just merely expressing my opinion, as I have a right to do according to the First Amendment.

  15. Angela Wittman Says:

    Dear Mr. West,

    I find your comment confusing…. Are you making light of those who have left the Repub/Dem party because of principle? If so, shame on you. If not, then please explain your remarks.

    Also, please know that America doesn’t need more politicians… We have plenty of those, and they are destroying the very freedoms our forefathers spilled their blood for.

  16. Joe Says:

    Chris Bennett writes:

    “Prime example why the Constitution Party hasn’t gorrn anywhere in Illinois because you folks rather isolate yourselves than form coalitions with those who agree with you.”

    Tim West: “wow! So the CP has principled people that have no knowledge of politics or care, just like the LP!”

    I don’t understand these remarks. The whole thrust of the story, and my comments, were about reaching out to Libertarians!

  17. Vincent Darrah Says:

    I dont think its compromise when you work with others on things you agree with, it is when they dont. If you are against illegal immigration and so is someone else but they are pro-choice, I dont have a problem with using help from them to promote the immigration issue, just dont have anything to do with them if you are doing a pro-life rally for instance


  18. Angela Wittman Says:

    Yes, I am sure that as the Tower of Babel was being built, the workers cast aside certain beliefs and issues as they were united in wanting to build the tower to reach the heavens… But I do not see where God blessed their united efforts? Instead He destroyed their work and divided the workers.

    As for me, I will build on the Rock of Christ Jesus.

    I just received an email with this quote, and perhaps you all will find some wisdom in it, as well: Sometimes “THE MAJORITY” only means all the fools are on the same side.”

  19. Joe Says:

    I am a member of the Constitution Party. I guess you could call me an “ultra-right winger” but I never even heard of Martin Lindstadt.

    Chris, if you are a pro-life Christian, is there anything besides the drug plank that you disagree with in our platform. You reference “white people” but I am not aware of anything in our platform concerning race?

  20. Angela Wittman Says:

    Actually, the American Heritage Party is very upfront about us all being of one blood… You all may want to check it out:

    Thank you. : )

    I will not support Mr. Stufflebeam for Governor of Illinois. He has not proven that he is ready for such a position, if elected.

  21. Chris Bennett Says:

    If I have misinterpreted the CP then I apologize. I just feel that if the CP were ever to gain power in this country, we wouldn’t have a democracy we would have a popular theocracy, then I’d have to move to New Zealand. There is a seperation of church and state for a reason. I don’t want to shove my religion down other people’s throats. Everyone has “free will”. It’s not your fault if someone goes to HELL if they don’t obey God’s Commands. Let them live their lives in sin, only God may judge those in the end. I am not the only person who has been scared away from being a potential CP’er. The LP is a better fit for me but they haven’t got their crap together so for career purposes, I bolted that sinking ship!

  22. undercover_ararchist Says:

    The differences between Libertarians and faux-Constitutionalists are more broad than being presented.

    As a left-libertarian, let me demonstrate some serious differences:

    Randall C. Stufflebeam says “Pornography is a disease that is destroying family and marriages.”

    1) Substitute “RELIGION” for “pornography”

    2) I do not want to BAN religion just because it is, in my opinion, harmful. I think people can make their own choices. If someone were to indoctrinate their children with pornography, that would be bad. What of the religious indoctrination that occurs all over the world?

    Fascists like Mr. Stufflebeam are just as bad of advocates of a nanny-government as Democrats. The only difference is, the Democratic nanny might be a fun, cool type of babysitter. The CP nanny is a dried up old bag who hasn’t taken a dump in two weeks.

  23. Angela Wittman Says:

    RE: the “undercover anarchist” and Chris:

    The first duty of government is to protect the innocent, which ours is failing to do, (ex. sodomites marching freely, while Christians are put in jail for sharing their faith; abortion—BABY KILLING—on demand; euthanasia of the weak, infirmed and elderly—the list goes on).

    Now, if we continue to cast aside God’s Law, which does offer liberty to those who have self-control, and punishment for those who do not and consequently harm others, what shall we replace it with? Please answer quickly, because you are both growing older by the minute, and may be eligible for euthanasia soon… The clock is ticking…Tick tock…tick tock…

  24. Randall C. Stufflebeam Says:

    Dear Undercover,

    First, I must say that I appreciated you taking the time to look at the issues on my campaign website and picked up on the pornography issue.

    The reason that you feel you could substitute the word pornography with religion is that you don’t understand religion. According to the Bible, James 1:27, “Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.” You say that this is “harmful??”

    What I think is harmful is the ruined lives that are a direct and indirect result of pornography. What I think is harmful is how many women have been abused, raped and demeaned by pronography.

    Further, your comment shows a total lack of understanding of our country’s founding. And the importance that “religion” has played in such things as our First Amendment Rights that Mrs. Wittman so adequately brought to our attention.

    Also, you calling me a Facist, does show your complete lack of understanding about either the Constitution Party or the Libertarians, both of which call for a smaller, decentralized form of government, which is quite contrary to the meaning of the word facist.

    Your comment “the Democratic nanny might be a fun” reflects the attitude of “If it feels good, do it!” The sad thing about it is that it is usually at the expense of someone else. It is most definitely the attitude reflected by the “Pepsi Generation/Baby Boomers,” which are the ones that have gotten our country in such a mess.

    While I definitely don’t agree with your last paragraph, it did at least make me laugh. You obviously have the CP confused with the Republicans who are forcing more government down our throats at every turn.

  25. joe average Says:

    the LP and CP see eye to eye on enough issues (aside from the glaring ones being put forth in this thread) that an aliance of sorts should be considered.

    seems to me that the only difference is with whom the buck stops…

    for the CP it’s the almighty
    for the LP it’s the individual

    at the points where the individual ideal of liberty does not conflict with the almighty’s, then the two should work together.

  26. Chris Bennett Says:

    I think this thread is getting off track. If you want to continue…my e-mail is [email protected] Obviously we are not getting anywhere with this and we all disagree on something?

  27. Joe Says:

    I have disagreed with Randy in the past, but I had the opportunity to meet him at the Constitution Party national convention in Valley Forge. He is no fascist and if I lived in Illinois, I would certainly vote for him over his Democrat and Republican opponents.

    Chris Bennett, I will respond to your last comment by email as you suggest.

  28. Randall C. Stufflebeam Says:

    Chris & Joe,

    Thank you both for your last messages here.

    Chris, you are right, this thread was taken down a rabbit trail as these things often do. Thank you for the call to get back on track.

    Joe, thank you!! We both have recognized where sometimes we don’t necessarily agree on a specific item. However, we are both committed to the constitutional restoration of our individual states and these United States of America. It is upon this foundation that we all must build or we ALL stand to loose our freedoms that we have held so dear to our hearts.

    As I have stated before, the Democrats and the Republicans are the left wing and the right wing of the same bird flying the wrong direction. It doesn’t matter which wing of this bird comes to roost as Governor of Illinois, it will still be headed in the wrong direction.

    It’s time for “The Eagle” to come in and begin the process of restoration. There is only one way for this to happen and that’s for all LIBERTY LOVING AMERICANS to unite together. We are men and women of principle; let’s do something to break the back of tyranny. It is time to quit all this petty squabbling and rise once again as “WE, THE PEOPLE!”

    It’s beyond time for a change. IT’S TIME FOR A REVOLUTION!! Let’s bring this revolution on with our voices UNITED, before we have to exercise our second amendment rights to protect our first amendment rights, our families, our private property and our right to pursue happiness.

    Again, I Call all Libertarians and all Liberty Loving Illinois Citizens to support the Gubernatorial Candidate of the Constitution Party and/or to seek to run as a state-wide candidate under the banner of the Constitution Party of Illinois and to help us to gain ballot-access beginning March the 28th. The goal is to reach 75,000 signatures, which is three times the required number, so as to ensure enough qualified signatures to gain ballot-access.

    Randall C. Stufflebeam
    Chairman and
    Gubernatorial Candidate
    Constitution Party of Illinois

  29. undercover_ararchist Says:

    While some of the founders may indeed have been “religious,” even more of them were slaveowners who raped their female slaves. My point is, that is irrelavent.

    The CP is no better than the Democratic Party in terms of its desires to run people’s lives. It wants to in fact play god. “Pornography is bad, let’s ban it!”

    Even if what you say about pornography is true, so what? Fast food is very bad too. Should it be banned? Who are you to judge? Fast food ruins lives. Smoking has certainly ruined more lives than porn.

    And as for Angela, sodomites running freely in the streets doesn’t hurt me or you. You just don’t like people who are different than you, which is why you probably fit in nicely in a monolothic party full of demagouges. You like to scapegoat homosexuals like Hitler scapegoated the Jews. In fact, Hitler was also fond of putting gays to death.

    I don’t want a nanny government of any type. I am an undercover anarchist afterall. But if I had to choose, I’d certainly prefer a corrupt, beuracratic mess that the Democrats would give me, along with the inefficient but free health care, poor but free education, etc., over the Talibanic theocracy that the CP wishes to usher in.

    I respect this site, third parties, etc. I will not derail threads. However, this thread was about the similarities of the CP and LP and I feel that my comments are appropriate. The CP is a pseudo-hate group; the LP is a legitimate political party. That’s the difference.

    Another difference is that if you choose to live your life as a repressed, superstitious (sp), Amish-like fanatic believing in bogus fairytales made up to control the masses, I support your right to do so. If I want to engage in consentual sodomy with my wife (or boyfriend for that matter—though that’s not my thing!), you want to invade the sovereingty of my own home and throw me in jail (or worse). That is totalitarianism, and you sully the word “liberty” by attaching your autocratic views to it.

  30. Taylor Grant Says:

    Liberty, which is the freedom to do good, is not license, which is the freedom to do anything.

    Unfortunately, for most of our people license is preferred to liberty and the debauchery that follows is destructive of a Constitutional Republic.

    The Libertarian Party is little more than Anarcho-Capitalism founded on the rule of one, not the rule of law. It is as far removed from Constitutional Republicanism as the Welfare Statist parties of the Democrats and Republicans. They are two branches on the same tree one step removed from Total Government. The Anarcho-Capitalists are the trunk growing from the root of Anarchy or No Government. They both are diametricly opposed extremes.

    Either extreme represents a threat to limited and Constitutional Government. Similarities and differences are only a matter of superficial coincedence, not of an essentially shared nature or character.

  31. Angela Wittman Says:

    Praise the LORD! I agree with Taylor Grant… By the way, Taylor Grant is the former chairman of the Constitution Party of Illinois, and I was co-chair. I guess he and I won’t be joining up with the Libertarians any time soon. : )

    It is time for a truly Constitutional Christian Party in Illinois. Please contact me if you are interested.

    Thank you.

  32. Angela Wittman Says:

    Dear Undercover,

    I just read your dribble… I mean message, and see that you compare me to Hitler? You certainly are open-minded… I am a Christian lady, and you insult me for my beliefs. If there is a hint of fascism on this thread, Perhaps it is coming from you?

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