Unger Offered to Run as Democrat

After all the “spoiler” talk that has surrounded this race, it’s kind of amusing to hear that the Democrats could have avoided all of this.

From the Asbury Park Press:

He was called a spoiler by the Democrats who lost the race for Monmouth County freeholder last week, but Green Party candidate Brian Unger could have been the Democrats’ savior.

Unger, whose strong showing on Nov. 8 pulled crucial votes from the Democratic candidates, said Tuesday he had offered to run in the election as a Democrat but that his offer was declined.

“I met three times with party officials,’’ Unger said, adding that he discussed each time the possibility of running for freeholder as a Democrat.

“Nothing ever came of it,’’ he said of the talks.

The two Democratic candidates—Rebecca Aaronson and Barbara McMorrow—lost narrowly to Republicans William C. Barham and Lillian G. Burry.

After the election, Monmouth County Democratic party chairman Victor Scudiery said Unger likely siphoned votes from all four major-party candidates, but the effect on the Democrats was fatal.

“(Unger) absolutely was the biggest factor’’ in the GOP win, Scudiery said.

Meanwhile, the Democratic candidates on Tuesday finally conceded defeat, acknowledging that the remaining provisional ballots are insufficient to change the outcome.

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