Independence Candidate Looks Strong

The Minnesota Independence Party, the party originally formed by/around Jesse Ventura, currently has one member in the State Senate. As of the end of this month she could have some company.

I’ve mentioned this race a few times in passing, but I think the November 22nd special election for Senate District 19 in Minnesota could deliver one of the biggest victories of the year for a third party.

The Democrat is a tax preparer for a tax service and the Republican is an office manager for a utility company.

Haag’s qualifications? Well, they’re a little meatier than those of his major party rivals…

> Five Term City Council Member (Buffalo, MN)
> Retired from U.S. Airforce in 1988
> Employed 21 Years at Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
> Board member of the National League of Cities
> Past President and current board member of the League of Minnesota Cities
> Past President of the Minnesota Wastewater Operators Association
> Former member of the 17-member Metropolitan Radio Board
> Nearly 5 Years as the Public Works Director for Montrose, MN

Clearly, Haag has the qualifications to win this race.

If somehow he doesn’t win, I think he’d make a fine candidate for Lt. Governor with Peter Hutchinson next year.

6 Responses to “Independence Candidate Looks Strong”

  1. Joey Dauben Says:

    One has to wonder where all the patriots are up in NH trying to fight all that view-taxing going on …

  2. IndiPol Says:

    A second MIP win would be impressive. Anyone know the average % of votes garnered by MIP candidates in the last election?

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