Hammonton First Sweeps Local Races

The Hammonton First Party swept the Hammonton, NJ mayoral and city council races on Tuesday.

Each of the 4 races contained a Democrat, a Republican, and a Hammonton First candidate… and in each race the HFP candidate received more votes than the Republican and Democrat combined.

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11 Responses to “Hammonton First Sweeps Local Races”

  1. Hammonton First Says:

    This is the first time in New Jersey’s history that anything like this has ever happened. Let’s hope it catches on. Anything is possible.

  2. Sadened Supporter Says:

    I’m very saddened by Hammonton First. I thought they would deliver on their promise of being for the “People” and not the “Politics.” They’ve overpoliticized our local school board, have lowered the morale of our town employees, police force and our volunteer fire department. tt’s obvious to me why they spent more than the Republicans and Democrats combined. They wanted to preserve their money and power. There are now the highest number of “For Sale” signs in Hammonton ever in it’s history. Sadly no one’s buying in.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Now one of the candidates for Hammonton First is going to be resigning soon out disgust over how her newly formed party are just elitists. She recenly refused to wear the traditional party polo shirt at the latest town council meeting.

  4. Angry Says:

    The Hammonton First mayor who is a major developer in this town has appointed himself to the planning board. There’s too much development already now we have someone who has a conflict of interest on the planning board. This party promised to be about the people not the politics. They have overpoliticized this town. They even made the 4th of July political. People see this party has a cult now. They surely will lose this upcoming election. It’s such a shame, I was hoping that an independent party in Hammonton would work out.

  5. Former Firster Says:

    These year I’m voting for the best among the Democratic and Republican candidates. I thought this 3rd party would be great but it was all a sham. Politics as usual would have been fine but this new party is politics at it’s worst. Morale is very low for the town employees, police, firefighters, and schools as well. Nepotism is a norm in my town but my God. Two daughters from one of the Hammonton First Councilman just got major jobs in the new town hall project. The mayor’s cousin got the bid to move the old town hall though unqualified and has added a change order for more money. I like the idea of a 3rd party but this is not what I envisioned when I voted for them.

  6. Happy Hammontonian Says:

    Hammonton First lost on their second election. They were so arrogant that they thought they had it won. The Republicans swept them. All of Hammonton, I mean all the non-elite people of Hammonton believe that Hammonton First will swept again next year. Leaving the mayor all alone on council.

  7. UnHappy Hammontonian Says:

    I like to follow third parties. I was very interested in Hammonton First’s historic win but I’m very dissappointed that they were just a bunch of millionaire’s- actually for the most part millionaire’s kids who couldn’t get their way with the Republican party. Politics is now uglier then ever. It’s always been ugly but Hammonton First just made matters worse. We now have animal body parts being delivered to people. We have the KKK coming to Hammonton because of Hammonton First. The police chief has had charges filed against him by Hammonton First. Businesses downtown are being overtaken by Hammonton First Power Brokers. It’s really sad that voters aren’t getting what they hoped for.

  8. Jane Doe Says:

    It is amazing how the Republican and Democratic Parties have banded together in Hammonton to try to crush the Independent Hammonton First group. It really shows how terrified the Rs and Ds are about third parties stopping their “monopoly.”

    Every post above is by R & D politicos terrified about the group and lying to try to stop the great work they are doing.

    Since reaching office, Hammonton First successfully made the town the only municipality in the state to have a zero tax increase two years in a row along with no tax increase at the school. When taking office, the school was found to be bankrupt and needing a massive tax increase. Hammonton First worked to fix their finances and no tax increase.

    Members of the Republican Party have cut “back room deals” with Democrat Party leaders to try to stop the wonderful progress including a new town hall, redone downtown sidewalks and numerous road projects. They have failed miserably so they resort to lying.

  9. Hammonton Voter Says:

    Jane Doe, Republicans and Democrats in Hammonton have always worked well together to represent ALL the PEOPLE of Hammonton. The Hammonton First Corporation spent over $100,000 in 2005 and over $60,000 in 2006. The Republicans and Democrats spent only $10-15,000 each year. The Hammonton First Corporation is most likely going to surpass last years campaign spending for the sake of their corporation’s survival. Hammonton First got swept last year and many in Hammonton are hoping for a repeat. Hammonton First is a textbook case for Third Parties Going Wrong. In the last 2 years our fine town had False charges brought to the police chief by the mayor and a Hammonton First Councilman (who has since left the party out of disgust). Another Hammonton First Councilman was working backroom deals to allow a Turf farm to dump sewage on their property. We have been threatened as well with a rally by the KKK of all people. We’ve had coverup over asbestos in our old town hall and fortunately a resident noticed that the downtown renovation work had the wrong size pipes for the water and sewer. Many, many, many taxpayers will celebrate the day Hammonton First finally dissolves.

  10. Jane Doe Says:

    It’s all Good- Hammonton Voter.

  11. Hammonton Voter Says:

    It’s all Good for Hammonton First Elite but It’s All Bad for the Common Taxpayer. The Town Hall did not come in on budget, it’s unfinished and their still problems with things there. Plus there’s less parking then before. Go to the Third floor and tell me it’s finished.

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