An LP win in Georgia…

A Libertarian was elected to a seat on the city council in the small town of Irwinton, Georgia. (pop. 500-ish)

Jeff Edgens received 100 votes, the other candidate got 86.

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  1. Lex Says:

    I just saw some interesting poll results for the 2006 Texas gubernatorial race on….

    Independent candidate Kinky Friedman is polling between 18 and 26%, depending on who the Republican and Democratic nominees turn out to be.

    As usual, the Libertarian nominee was not included in the polling….

  2. an-cap Says:

    Maybe i’m biased cause i live there but the libertarians seem to do especially well in GA outside of atlanta. Maybe we picked the wrong free state project?

  3. IndiPol Says:

    Who is the announced Libertarian for Governor?

  4. Lex Says:

    James Werner is listed on as the LP candidate for governor in Texas. There was a story on here about it a while ago, but I don’t know too much about him.

  5. Kyle B Says:

    if the Georgia Libertarian Party could find a candidate to run state wide that had enough personal wealth to say put at least a million in their campaign I think they would stand an excellent chance of breaking 25% of the vote and maybe just maybe win.

  6. Austin Cassidy Says:

    I would love to see a really serious candidate for Lt. Governor in a state like Georgia.

  7. Kyle B Says:

    I think Ben Brandon would make a good candidate for a state wide race in Georgia. The stuff he has done in Dade County would get him some free publicity and he would probably do well in his home county. Just bad luck for him that Dade is one of the smaller counties in Georgia and it is nowhere near Atlanta. The majority of people in the Atlanta area have never heard of Dade Co so that would be something he would have to overcome

  8. Tim West Says:

    Brandon will be elected to state office if he picks a good race. He should get elected again to a second term in Dade first. I’d want 2 terms under my belt if I were him before moving on.

  9. Austin Cassidy Says:

    I think maybe he should be a little more cautious even. Get re-elected and then run for state representative when a winnable seat comes open.

  10. Kyle B Says:

    I think Brandon would stand a better chance of winning a state house or senate race then a statewide office.
    A safe rule in Georgia politics is that the candidates that win state wide are either from Metro Atlanta or South Georgia. North Georgia is somewhat of a political wasteland when it comes to state wide politics.
    But him running state wide would really grow the lp in Georgia

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