A Mixed Bag…

Two Greens running for re-election to the Minneapolis City Council lost… but another Green seeking a seat on the council won.

A Green was elected to the Portland School Board.

Two members of the One New London Party were elected to the New London City Council. The promising Greens in this race fell just short of victory.

Libertarian Bill Lynn was re-elected to his council seat in Davenport, Iowa.

Fred Collins fell short in his bid to become the first Libertarian mayor of Berkley, Michigan.

Russ Potts managed only 2% of the vote in Virginia, and Hector Castillo and Jeff Pawlowski gained only a combined 2% in New Jersey.

Overall…. a pretty mixed bag. Some disappointments and a few surprises.

I will continue updating the list of winners, so keep sending them in!

3 Responses to “A Mixed Bag…”

  1. arbitraryaardvark Says:

    I think it was three members of One New London party who won council seats.

  2. arbitraryaardvark Says:

    ER, two: William M. Cornish and Charles W. Frink of the upstart One New London party won seats on the City Council here Tuesday,

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