Election Predictions (Round Three)

Ok, this is my third and final round of election predictions.

In the first, I focused on the three big races today. In the second, I looked only at the major Green Party candidates. Now… the best of the rest.

>> Bill Lynn looks like a virtual lock in his re-election bid to the Davenport, Iowa city council. Lynn is a Libertarian.

>> Michigan: Libertarian city councilman Fred Collins is running a strong campaign for mayor of the city of 15,000. I think we could see a win in this race tonight.

>> Virginia: In addition to Russ Potts in the gubernatorial race, there are a couple of races for Delegate that are worth some attention. A Constitution Party candidate, and a few Libertarians. In the one-on-one races I’ll predict anything from 15-20%, and more like 2-5% in the 3-way races. Nothing out of the ordinary.

>> Georgia: According to the latest issue of LP News, Jeff Edgens is running for city council in the small town of Irwinton, Georgia. This looks like a potentially winnable race.

Looking Forward: After tonight, we start looking forward to the 2006 mid-term elections. They’re sure to be an exciting batch of contests. However, we’ve still got 2 big races coming up this year. First, a very strong Minnesota Independence Party candidate is hoping to help his party claim a second seat in the State Senate via an uncoming special election. Shortly after that, the Constitution Party’s Jim Gilchrist will reach the conclusion of his quest for a seat in the US Congress. The run-off for that special election is in early December. Still lots of exciting stuff ahead, so stay tuned!

2 Responses to “Election Predictions (Round Three)”

  1. Vincent Darrah Says:

    James Scheideman, Constitution Party candidate in district 76 in Virginia, got 22% of the vote. While that isnt alot, the Republican incumbent usually runs totally unopposed. Scheideman raised $500 for his campaign, didnt advertise on any form of media, and got that many votes. I think the CP can be happy with that result

  2. Jim 101 Says:

    Why didn’t the CP put out a letter to it’s membership, like they did for Gilmore, looking for donations and support? If the CP expects to win races, it seem’s obvious to me that they have to support there candidates better than this. I’m sure the party members would have come out to support Scheiderman had they known he was out there.

    Five hundred dollars is a pathetic amount of money to try and run a campaign these days.

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