Election Night - The Big List of Winners

Cam Gordon (Green Party)
elected to a seat on the Minneapolis City Council

Susan Hopkins (Green Party)
wins a seat on the Portland, Maine school board

Annie Young (Green Party)
re-elected to the Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board

Jeff Edgens (Libertarian)
elected to a seat on the city council of Irwinton, GA

William M. Cornish (One New London Party)
wins a seat on the New London, CT city council

Charles Frink (One New London Party)
wins a seat on the New London, CT city council

Bill Lynn (Libertarian)
re-elected to the Davenport, Iowa city council

James Brooks (Green Party)
elected to the city commission in Brunswick, GA

Hammonton First Party
entire slate of candidates win mayor and 3 council seats in Hammonton, NJ

Mathew Ash (Green Party)
elected mayor of Somerset, Penn.

Additionally, numerous Green candidates won very low level or uncontested races. Click here for the full list.

If you are aware of a third party or independent candidate who won their race tonight, please email or post a comment and we’ll update as the night goes on.

5 Responses to “Election Night - The Big List of Winners”

  1. Bob Says:

    Cam Gordon won in Minneapolis. The other Greens lost.

  2. Austin Cassidy Says:

    I’ve been watching the returns… are those the final numbers? Last I checked it had Gordon up by 2% with 80% reporting, and the other 2 down… but less than that reporting.

  3. Bob Says:

    Yep it has been declared.


  4. Third Party Watch » Blog Archive » A Mixed Bag… Says:

    [...] I will continue updating the list of winners, so keep sending them in! [...]

  5. Happy Hammontonian Says:

    Hammonton First has done a GREAT job in Hammonton, NJ! It is a model for how government should operate. FOR THE PEOPLE, NOT THE POLITICS!

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