Potts Campaign Hurts Virginia?

From a story on newspaper endorsements in Virginia’s gubernatorial race…

The Daily News Leader of Staunton endorsed Tim Kaine Sunday, as The Southwest Times of Pulaski supported Republican Jerry Kilgore in the race for governor and chided independent Russ Potts for “muddying the race.”

The Southwest Times said Potts, a Republican state senator running as an independent, has no real chance of winning, and that his campaign takes votes away from the two front-runners, Kilgore and Democrat Tim Kaine.

“While the feisty and plainspoken Potts is to be commended for his independent and straight-talking ways, his candidacy may prove to be more of a disservice to the commonwealth than a service,” the newspaper wrote.

This is absolutely infuriating! How on Earth does running for office do a disservice to the process and the state? Clearly there are people who want Potts in the race… why should they be denied their preferred candidate? What sort of insane logic is that?

Democracy is done a disservice when serious candidates (like Potts) are tortured to death by the mainstream media.

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  1. Mike N. Says:

    Have a link? Perhaps contact info so we can let them know what we think?

  2. Third Party Watch » Blog Archive » Election Eve News Bits… Says:

    [...] >> The Roanoke Times published this very nice piece on Russ Potts, suggesting that his campaign raised some important issues. I’m glad to see that considering the beating he’s taken in some other papers. [...]

  3. NewFederalist Says:

    Gee with that logic perhaps only one candidate should be permitted. It would be less confusing for the voters and a lot easier to predict the winner one second after the polls close. What nonsense!

  4. Timothy West Says:

    The only thing they care about is if Potts alters the course of the election. I am hoping that the GOP will bite a big one today - and if Potts draws more than the margin of victory, at least he gave the VA GOP a swift klick in the ass on his way out the door.

  5. Jim 101 Says:

    It’s just plain outrageous to think that running for government office is the sole right, domain, and privelidge of only Republicans or Democrats, and nobody better get in the way!

    This country had better wake-up to the fact that both of these two parties are running on empty, they are morally bankrupt, and they are out of answers. Alternatives are not only desired, they are desperately needed! Even if they have “no chance” of winning, at least they keep these two parties honest.

    But if our press can’t even grasp this, how then can the people?

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