Election Eve News Bits…

>> The Green Party candidate for mayor of Syracuse is polling at 8%.

>> The Roanoke Times published this very nice piece on Russ Potts, suggesting that his campaign raised some important issues. I’m glad to see that considering the beating he’s taken in some other papers.

>> A high school debate and student election resulted in Socialist Tino Rozzo placing first in the mock contest to become New Jersey’s next governor.

>> The Green Party has issued this press release identifying some of their key “races to watch” on Election Day.

>> A Green and and an Independence Party candidate held a debate without the incumbent in a race for a seat on the New York City Council.

>> The Constitution Party’s biggest race tomorrow seems to be a candidate in a one-on-one race for Virginia House of Delegates. He’s been outraised by about 150-1 so far.

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