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Injecting a Little Humor…

Tuesday’s elections will feature two of the most amusing fringe candidates that I’ve seen in quite a while. Both have wild ideas on how to reform government and catchy little theme songs featured on their websites.

New York City’s mayoral race features the antics of the Rent is Too Damn High Party… and it’s candidate Jimmy McMillan.

In New Jersey Edward “NJWeedman” Forchion is a Rastafarian and pot-legalization candidate currently running for Governor.

While I like both candidates, McMillan’s theme song is kind of basic… consisting of him saying that “rent is too damn high” with light drumming and a back-up voice that chimes in with “Oooh-Weee” over and over again.

You can’t really argue with his style though…

3 Responses to “Injecting a Little Humor…”

  1. esso Says:

    Haha…well, McMillan is funnier and has women. NJWeedman needs to come up with some weed women, maybe then I’d support him.

  2. Otto Kerner Says:

    heh, I seriously just misread that as the “Too Damn High Party” and figured it was another pot-legalization party. True story.

  3. SLW Says:

    This guy isn’t really so funny. I’m sure this hasn’t been noticed before, but if you dig a little bit, you will find there is anti-semitic content on the site.
    Especially this:
    But also this:
    and this:

    There are also some historical content here featuring news clippings on previous campaigns.

    And finally there is a page for a CD featuring these songs: Rent Is Too Damn High - Eviction Notice - Water Dripping from my lights - The Landlord and I - No I didn’t - Your Monkey - Wonna Be - Come Here - Go - Stupid Games - Do NOt Disturb - Single Life - Peekaboo

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