Potts Picks Up Endorsements

Russ Potts, Republican State Senator and independent candidate for Governor of Virginia, has added a few new endorsements to his campaign. These come in the form of support for his transportation program.

Transportation and education have been the key themes of the Potts campaign, and the focus of most of their television advertising.

The Press Release from the Potts campaign follows:

The Northern Virginia Builders Industry Association (NVBIA), The Heavy Construction Contractors Association of Northern Virginia (HCCA) and the Richmond Area Municipal Contractors Association (RAMCA) have issued a joint statement endorsing the transportation program of Virginia State Senator and candidate for Governor Russ Potts.

The statement reads as follows:

In the interest of preserving, protecting, and restoring the already damaged transportation system in the Commonwealth of Virginia, the following groups, having reviewed the transportation proposals offered by all three candidates for governor, have concluded that Russ Potts offers the only viable transportation program that:

1) Ensures a sufficient, steady stream of sustainable revenues to fund new road, bridge, & transit construction as well as meet current transportation maintenance needs.

2) Establishes and finances a program of strategic transportation improvements critical to maintenance needs, and

3) Offers a blueprint and vision by which the Governor and the Virginia General Assembly working together can adequately address the state’s transportation funding crisis.

Senator Potts’ plan is superior in that it not only identifies critical transportation needs but additionally spells out a realistic program to combine multiple revenue funding mechanisms capable of generating approximately two billion dollars a year in new transportation dollars.

General fund revenue, surplus funds, and other funding options advocated by the major party candidates are unlikely to produce revenues sufficient to support the sustained, credible transportation program required to adequately address the state’s current and future transportation needs.

As transportation advocates, we urge Virginians to consider the Russ Potts transportation plan as the only program being proposed that realistically addresses the people of Virginia’s critical transportation needs.

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