NYC Offers Video Voter Guide

This New York City video voters guide is really an excellent way to hear the message of each of the candidates in next week’s city-wide races.

They include all of the minor party candidates, and give everyone equal time to state their case.

Jimmy McMillan, the “Rent is Too Damn High” Party mayoral candidate, is my personal favorite.

It’s worth watching this just for his performance. He’s about 17-18 minutes into the video, and rambles on and on about rent, eventually running out of things to say toward the end of his allowed time. When that happens, he just mumbles and repeats himself, doing a passable Jesse Jackson impression.

“Those who are there, they haven’t thought about you. If they had… then why the rent keep going up?”

How can you not vote for him?

New York City: Video Voter Guide — Google Videos

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