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The California Libertarian Party has taken positions on next week’s ballot questions. In short, the party has endorsed all 3 of the governor’s reform proposals and rejected or taken no position on the other items. To read the detailed statement, click here.

The Fannie Lou Hamer Political Action Committee of Albany, NY has endorsed that city’s Green Party candidate for mayor.

Former New London, Conn. mayor Lloyd Beachy has endorsed a Green Party candidate for city council. New London seems to be one of the places where the Green Party could perform very well next Tuesday.

This article in the Village Voice once again makes mention of Cindy Sheehan as a popular draft target to run for Senate against Hillary Clinton, suggesting both the Libertarian and Green parties of New York would be interested in hosting such a candidacy.

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  1. Fred C Says:

    I’m pleased to see the LP-CA taking the same positions I planned on taking for next week, I just wish they had the resources to get out their viewpoint better.

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