Disgraced Former Aide Turns Candidate?

Well, this is kind of unfortunate…

From WJLA News:

He’s back, and he’s thinking about running for governor.

After months of silence, we’re hearing from Joseph Steffen, the aide to Governor Ehrlich who resigned in February after using an Internet message board to repeat rumors about Baltimore Mayor Martin O’Malley.

Steffen tells The Baltimore Sun that he’s considering a campaign next year as the Libertarian Party candidate. The way he figures it, for better or worse, his name recognition is pretty high.

Though a Libertarian candidacy could draw votes from Ehrlich, Steffen says he’s not looking to help or hurt any other candidate.

To appear on the ballot next November, Steffen would need to earn the nomination of the state party central committee next spring.

3 Responses to “Disgraced Former Aide Turns Candidate?”

  1. Tim West Says:

    I hope the MDLP turns him out. We dont need dirty tricks in the LP. We already have enough of that. :P

  2. Chris Bennett Says:

    Doug Anderson wins!

    Results in Doug Anderson’s bid for city council (results from the Denver Post).

    Lakewood City Council, Ward 4 :

    Doug Anderson 2,780 40.6%
    Walt Heidenfelder 454 6.6%
    Rich Olver 952 13.9%
    Tom Booher 2,663 38.9%

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