Green Endorsed in City Council Race

The Minneapolis Star Tribune has endorsed Green Party city council candidate Cam Gordon. This could wind up being a nice win for the party next week…

Voters have a tough choice in Ward 2’s Seward, Prospect Park and Cedar-Riverside neighborhoods, all clustered near the University of Minnesota. Both candidates are smart and capable. Our narrow preference is for Cam Gordon. He’s an articulate analyst of the city’s need to close widening income gaps and to produce an environmentally sustainable urban place. As a “Green moderate,” Gordon offers a departure from the DFL template that dominates City Hall. Gordon has a long history of civic service, a strong ethical sense and a collaborative personality.

DFLer Cara Letofsky has a stellar record in affordable housing and community development. Her views are similar to Gordon’s. Our concern is that she would bring lock-step allegiance to unions and to the orthodox DFL line on a council that needs the flexibility and independent thinking that Gordon could deliver.

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