Gloria Mattera Qualifies for Matching Funds

Excellent news for the Greens in what’s shaping up to be one of their most important races this year.

The Press Release…

Representatives of Gloria Mattera’s Green Party Campaign for Brooklyn Borough President announced today that contributions to the campaign have exceeded the threshold for 4 to 1 matching funds from New York City’s Campaign Finance program.

“I am proud to be the first Green Party candidate eligible for matching funds for this office,” said Mattera. “This demonstrates tremendous support for our campaign from city residents who are tired of watching Marty Markowitz act as a doormat for Bruce Ratner and other developers who want to take over our city. The Campaign Finance Program levels the playing field for candidates such as myself who do not accept corporate campaign contributions, and is a wonderful tool in support of grass roots democracy.”

To qualify, program participants running for Brooklyn Borough President must receive a total of $49,307 from at least 100 eligible contributors with a maximum amount of $250 applying toward matching funds, which will be at least $200,000 for the Mattera Campaign.

The outpouring of donations for Gloria’s campaign exemplifies true grassroots commitment to a candidate who’s not for sale,” said Daniel Kadin, Mattera Campaign fundraiser, who noted that more than 800 people donated an average of $70 to meet the threshold.

In contrast, Markowitz has received at least 537 contributions of $1000 or more, including from real estate, development and construction interests, as well as the heads of four banks.

“These funds will enable us to run a forceful and high-profile campaign against a wellfunded incumbent who has abandoned his party to endorse Bloomberg,” said Colby Hamilton, campaign manager for the Mattera Campaign. “Through newspaper, radio and TV ads, and face-to-face outreach to voters on the street, we intend to let every Brooklyn resident know they have a real choice in this election.”

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