A Bit of News from Texas…

One of the Republican gubernatorial candidates in Texas, Larry Kilgore, is also a former Constitution Party county chairman (Dallas) and CP candidate for office in Colorado. WorldNetDaily.com publisher Joseph Farah interviewed “celebrity caller” Kilgore about the recent controversy over Judge Janice Law’s book ‘Sex Appealed’, which reportedly exposes the events that led to the Supreme Court striking down state anti-sodomy laws.

The campaign, which is also courting voters from both the Libertarian and Constitution parties, hopes the sudden rush of web traffic and feedback from the interview results in credibility and in turn, votes.

The Constitution Party of Texas has not named an official slate of candidates yet, but those announcements should come after the party spends about $150,000 to obtain the 45,000-signature requirement needed for third parties to get on the ballot. State Chairman Bryan Malatesta has criss-crossed the state drumming up support for ballot access by selling a Declaration of Independence-inspired DVD ($20) promoting the CP’s ideals.

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