Sheehan, Libertarian for Senate?

Seems like an unlikely scenario, but you never really know…


Prominent anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan said last week she could not bring herself to vote for the re-election next year of US Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY) unless HRC first publicly admits her vote for the Iraq war was a mistake. That subsequently prompted NY Libertarian Party State Chair John Clifton to issue a statement inviting Sheehan to seek the party’s US Senate nomination next year as a peace candidate. The Libertarian Party has already called for the withdrawal of US forces from Iraq. Clifton was the LP’s US Senate nominee against Clinton in 2000.

14 Responses to “Sheehan, Libertarian for Senate?”

  1. George Whitfield Says:

    That is a great combination. Cindy Sheehan was writing articles on (a libertarian website) before she became well known through the media. I hope she will run for the Libertarian nomination and I hope they will nominate her. I would support her for sure.

  2. jami Says:

    libertarians have come a long way since i went to a meeting back in 1997, i guess. back then, it was all about listening to a crazy man brag about his gun. the union of peaceniks with that guy sounds about like karl rove smooshing together mostly good-hearted jesus freaks with mostly stingy-as-fuck ayn rand worshippers.

  3. Mike N. Says:

    Excellent idea! I hope she runs as a Libertarian.

  4. Fred C. Says:

    If she does accept the LP nod I think its safe to accept she’ll be looking for cross endorsements from other anti-war parties.

  5. Hammer of Truth » Will Sheehan Run As A Libertarian? Says:

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  6. Tim West Says:

    Shrewd move on John Clifton’s part. :D

    That would have to be one of the premier LP races of 2006 - and it would be even better on a combined LP-Green ticket. It would undercut her chances quite a bit from the left and right combined who agree the Iraq War was a mistake.

    This is that “triangulation” thang the big boyz talk about, you guys.

  7. rj Says:

    Thanks to NY rules too, she could combine Green and Libertarian votes. Plus, it would draw attention to the Libertarian notion that Democrats supported the war, something they have had lots of trouble doing.

  8. ms Says:

    She will probably alienate most jews from the party and their are quite a few(Zionism is responsible for fill in your favorite pet peeve). She agress with the LP on one issue! Guns, taxes, trade, nothing.

  9. NewFederalist Says:

    I wonder what her position on the right to bear arms might be?

  10. Jim 101 Says:

    What a joke.

    If Sheehan became a senator, she would actually have to come up with a REAL answer to the Iraq war, instead of just repeating the same old tired “bring our troops home” crap. The 60’s are over, time to move on…

    And besides, I’m tired of my state being a dumping ground for all of these left wing socialist has beens. Go somewhere else!

  11. Dead Hobbit Says:

    If that socialist becomes the LP Presidential Candidate, the LP is going to lose a lot of its members.

    I would be one of them.

  12. esso Says:

    Sheehan should not pollute the LP with herself.

  13. Tim West Says:

    IF it would save the country from a President Hillary Clinton, that would be enough from me. She WILL be the Democratic nominee in 08.

  14. Joe Says:

    I see nothing wrong with “bring our troops home” as a real solution to our Iraq problem. Sheehan would certainly be an improvement over Clinton.