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Congressional Fundraising Numbers

According to the latest FEC filing available on their website, the Badnarik for Congress campaign (as of 9/30/05) has raised $27,346 and spent $19,802 of that. This leaves them with $7,544 in cash on hand.

Badnarik’s Report

Jim Gilchrist had raised $175,802 and spent $125,208, leaving his campaign with $50,594 in cash on hand as of 9/30/05.

Gilchrist’s Report

Bernie Sanders’ campaign for Senate in Vermont has collected a total of $1,577,951 and spent $383,813 of that, leaving the independent Congressman with $1,194,137 in cash on hand.

Sanders’ Report

2 Responses to “Congressional Fundraising Numbers”

  1. Kyle B Says:

    Badnarik needs to get going and raise some money. If he keeps this up he will be lucky to get 5% of the vote.

  2. IndiPol Says:

    Is this enough money for Sander’s to hold the Dem candidate at bay?

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