Will Work for Cheap

Amazingly, I’ve got some free time over the next few months… not a lot mind you, but some. So I’m looking to do a little bit of freelance work.

If you’re a candidate, party, or even a business looking for a bargain price on website design, hosting, and such… drop me a line.

I don’t want to take on a ton of projects, but a handful of clients would be a nice way to earn some extra income and also keep busy with something that interests me.

If you’re wondering “does ‘bargain’ mean $500 for a website?” The answer to that is no. It all depends on what you want, and I would give a price based on that, but even if your budget is $40 or $50… we can work together in some way.

Also, I have some experience with designing yard signs and campaign logos. If you want to see samples I can share them, and that service would be quite afforable.

BOTTOM LINE: If you need something done, maybe I can do it. And if I can, I won’t charge you an arm and a leg for it. Email me…[email protected]

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