Some Recent News Items…

The Green Party candidate for mayor of New York City gets a nice profile in this piece from The Villager.

Today’s Wall Street Journal had a sizable article on Jim Gilchrist’s run for Congress in California.

The Green Party candidate for mayor of Stamford, CT now thinks he can have a real impact on his race.

Independent candidate Russ Potts received the endorsement of a major pro-choice Republican group and restated his plans to stay in the race for Virginia governor no matter what happens.


A local school board race in Washington pits a 49-year old businessman against Astrid Gielen, a 19-year old college student and the Libertarian candidate. (see photo above) It’s not really clear why she’s running as the LP candidate though, because her proposals don’t seem to be particularly libertarian in nature. Her opponant is a real estate developert and she currently works at a fast food restaurant called Taco Time.

6 Responses to “Some Recent News Items…”

  1. Joe Says:

    The article on Gilchrist is great exposure for alternative parties. $200,000 for the primaries is quite impressive!

  2. esso Says:

    Astrid Gielen’s profile on the LP meetup page^

    What’s with the costume? She looks like Willy Wonka.

  3. Austin Cassidy Says:

    Good find. People have been complaining I don’t post pictures, so here goes… :)

  4. Fred C Says:

    keep postin hot libertarian pics Austin ;)

    FYI to esso: I think that costume’s from the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

  5. Mikey Says:

    GO ASTRID! :) And yes Fred, I think you are right.

    (Sorry for being “away” for so long. It’s been rather busy here in the real world lately. I will try to do better in the upcoming weeks.)

  6. Joey Dauben Says:

    I ran for a school board seat in 2003 (non partisan, but still the only Libertarian to have run for office in Ellis County) when I was 22, and I met sooo many attractive mothers hah.

    This school board candidate is really what the LP needs (not that I have a voice) to get its message across to young people.

    She’s also really cute.

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