Gilchrist Numbers…

The following numbers are taken from this press release by the Gilchrist campaign. It’s useful to show exactly how much better Gilcrhist did on election day than in the early and absentee voting. If he can build on these numbers and run a better organized run-off campaign… this could be quite interesting.

Early/Absentee vote:
Campbell 52%
Brewer 15%
Young 10%
Gilchrist 6%

Election Day vote:
Campbell 37%
Gilchrist 27%
Brewer 19%
Young 7%

4 Responses to “Gilchrist Numbers…”

  1. Joey Dauben Says:

    TPW: I’m still a reporter at heart, so it pains me to notice that you don’t post photos (not even thumbnails!) along with blog posts. I know it’s not, but photos sell a story, they sell a posting, and they sell period.

    Campaigns are all about events, signage, etc.

    Could it be possible that you post say, a photo or three (small ones) along with your daily posts? I’d like to see a photo of Gilchrist’s campaign out and about, or Badnarik’s office furniture and campaign staff working…

    It’d be neat to see what kind of elections the Greens run. Yard signs, yard signs, yard signs! If not photos, at least run images of candidate yard signs :)

  2. IndiPol Says:

    I think I read that the absentee voting was so high due to the Jewish holiday. And also Campbell’s push for early voting. So I don’t think that there will be much improvement by Gilchrist picking up Jewish voters if they recognize the AIP as a CP affiliate and CP’s decidely Christian gravitation.

  3. rj Says:

    He might get Democrats that just want to spite the Republican.

  4. Daniel Ong Says:

    From Colorado, news on Gilchrist:,1299,DRMN_86_4159304,00.html “Salzman: Playing the media like a fish on a line”
    In its initial March 31 coverage of the minuteman activists who are “patrolling” the Arizona border, The Denver Post reported that the activists’ “main goal is to draw attention to the country’s porous southern border.”

    So, minuteman organizers came clean six months ago and admitted - to everyone’s complete surprise - that their “patrol” isn’t really about catching illegals.

    It’s mostly a PR stunt, staged in the Arizona desert with props, like binoculars, walkie- talkies, aging vigilantes, and so on.

    The Minuteman Project’s founder, Jim Gilchrist, confirmed in an interview with me Monday that the entire project was designed “from the outset” to get media attention, not catch immigrants.

    Gilchrist’s stint as a journalist helped him understand what’s newsworthy, he said.

    Some background: Jason Salzman writes a regular column, I think every other Saturday, for the RMN critiquing the media. The Denver Post is the other big daily in the metro Denver area (we’re fortunate to be a two newspaper city, thanks to an operating agreement), and Greg Moore, mentioned later in the article, is Editor of the Denver Post. Three Colorado state legislators recently went down to visit the Minuteman Project on a fact-finding trip and additional media coverage ensued.

    In Jason’s case, “It takes one to know one.” His company specializes in getting media coverage for progressive organizations and causes. He describes himself and his colleague as “political activists first, and public relations consultants second.”

    I saw a recent television interview with him (by Jon Caldara of the Independence Institute, the most prominent opponent of Colorado’s Referenda C and D that would set aside TABOR the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights and increase debt by another $2 billion), and in my opinion Jason is of the double standard. He criticizes techniques used by conservative or libertarian causes that he himself advocates or details for progessive clients, including guerilla publicity tactics.

    (I wasn’t sure where to post this and this was the most recent post on Gilchrist’s campaign)