Anyone Awake Out There?

Supposedly hard core conservatives are fuming mad at the President for nominating a semi-moderate like Miers to the Supreme Court. Numerous action groups and PACs have come out and voiced their displeasure, but I’ve yet to see anything from the Constitution Party or the American First Party.

What gives? It’s a good issue to stir up your base of supporters with, why not jump on it? Even if it just means putting out a simple press release or something along those lines.

5 Responses to “Anyone Awake Out There?”

  1. esso Says:

    She’s only a moderate to the extent that conservatives have painted her as such…in reality, she’s just as conservative as they are. People are nuts.

  2. Amani S. Says:

    Maybe they are waiting for the hearings.
    No one really know anything about her.
    No one really know where she stands on anything.
    No one can really support or oppose her for her views.

  3. Joe Says:

    I agree that Miers is a terrible pick. However, I don’t believe our party needs to step on every bug that crawls out from under a rock. That is being reactive instead of being proactive. We don’t expect any better from the Repbulican Party, so why act shocked every time they meet our expectations?

    Our national committee met in Columbus prior to the nomination of Miers. At that meeting, we passed a resolution opposing the nomination of John Roberts. From that you can extrapolate our party’s position on Miers. However, I believe that our next meeting is not until April so there is no opportunity to make an official party statement until then. However leaders of our party have opposed Miers nomination see:

  4. Austin Cassidy Says:


    I guess more than anything it’s the fact that the CP’s website still makes several mentions of Roberts, who has already been confirmed… but nothing of Miers. The AFP still has a petition on their site urging that President to make a conservative pick. It makes it look like neither party is able to issue press releases or respond to current events in a timely manner.

  5. Joe Says:

    Like I said, we meet four times a year, so we can’t really react faster than every quarter. I don’t think it is practical to meet more often than that.
    I also think that slow reaction is part of our nature. Real conservatives, or reactionaries, reject this generation’s emphasis on immediate gratification. I appreciate a political party that moves slow.

    On the other hand, at our last meeting we hired a communications director, so we may see that changing eventually.

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