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Pawlowski in Three Major Debates?

Looks like, based on the comments on their website, the Pawlowski campaign will participate in two televisied debates against the major party candidates and a third which will include only Pawlowski and independent Castillo.

Not a bad situation to be in. I’m sure Russ Potts would love that kind of exposure in Virginia.

Any thoughts on how well Pawlowski might finish come election day?

Just a reminder - the first real debate is on October 18th at 8pm, on WABC featuring Doug Forrester, Jon Corzine, Dr. Castillo, and me. I assure you that this debate will not be a sleeper like the one with only the two old party candidates. Much like boxer Rocky Balboa in the movies, I am in training. I totally believe in my cause, and I have the burning desire to make a change in the direction New Jersey is headed.

The next debate is NJN on October 20th. So far, it is only Dr. Castillo and me.

The final debate is on News 12 New Jersey on November 3rd. It will feature all four qualified candidates.

3 Responses to “Pawlowski in Three Major Debates?”

  1. George Whitfield Says:

    It appears that Jeff Pawlowski will be in some debates. So I am especially glad that I contributed to his campaign. Congratulations to the New Jersey Libertarian Party.
    I think that Pawlowski will finish third of the eight candidates.

  2. Mike N. Says:

    Good for him! I think I will send another donation.

  3. Amani S. Says:

    I have to see how he performance before I can say how he will do.
    Does anyone know of the ABC will have webbroadcast?
    The papers don’t seem to know about the debates. Well at least they are not talking about them.

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