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Gag on Lindstedt Mental Evaulation

This guy is just…... too much.

From the Neosho Daily News:

A gag order on results of a state mental examination for Martin Lindstedt has been issued.

On Thursday, Newton County Division III Associate Circuit Court Judge Kevin Selby ordered both prosecutors and potential defense attorneys to keep mum on the results, as well as all witnesses in the courtroom. In addition to court personnel and a representative of the news media, Lindstedt’s live-in “paramour,” Roxie Frausnaught, was present in the courtroom.

Not present, however, was Lindstedt himself. Within seconds of entering the courtroom Thursday afternoon, Lindstedt questioned the court’s authority, legality, and alleged the court of having “secret proceedings.” He was then escorted from the courtroom by members of the Newton County Sheriff’s Department.

Once Lindstedt was escorted out, Judge Selby asked Ms. Frausnaught about the Granby man’s financial situation.

“Well, he don’t have hardly any assets at all,” she said.

“Would you be sworn in and answer some questions under oath?” he asked.

“I really don’t want to,” she replied.

Representing the public defender’s office, James Egan asked the court for some time to conduct an investigation into Lindstedt’s finances, asking that the court reconvene on Thursday, Oct. 20 or at a later date, if needed.

“I have no objection to the public defender’s office doing an independent investigation to determine what assets Mr. Lindstedt possesses,” the judge said.

“You don’t take it as an affront?” asked Egan.

“Not at all,” Selby replied. “I do know Mr. Lindstedt has not been able to bond.

“I don’t want this case to be languishing just because of the indigency issue,” the judge added.

Lindstedt is accused of first degree statutory sodomy. A probable cause statement alleges Lindstedt inappropriately kissed a family member on the child’s back, buttocks and groin area sometime between March and August 2003.

Lindstedt, has been acting as his own attorney in the case and has made several court appearances sporting half of a mustache and beard.

Lindstedt remains in custody on $100,000 bond and was sentenced to 660 days in the county jail for 22 counts of contempt of court.

A perennial political candidate, Lindstedt has sought a number of local, county and statewide offices over the years as a Libertarian, a member of the Reform Party and as a Republican. He last sought office this April, when he ran for Granby municipal judge and for a seat on the East Newton R-6 School Board.

This past summer, Lindstedt filed a lawsuit against former Secretary of State Matt Blunt for refusing to print Lindstedt’s nickname of “Mad Dog” on the statewide ballot in 2002 and in 2004, during the Granby resident’s bids for U.S. Senate and Missouri governor, respectively. In November, the Missouri Attorney General’s office asked that the suit be dismissed “with prejudice,” which bars the right to bring or maintain an action on the same claim or cause. An appeal of the suit was struck down by the U.S. District Court, but on Friday Lindstedt filed a handwritten motion asking that the suit be reinstated.

Lindstedt has filed, and lost, a number of lawsuits against a variety of people and entities in the past. Among these are a 1996 suit against Missouri Southern State College and the city of Joplin, in which Lindstedt sought $1.3 million from the college and $5 million from the city of Joplin for violation of his civil rights. Also during the mid-1990s, he sued the city of Granby alleging violations of his civil rights in connection with a defective equipment charge.

Lindstedt also sued the Missouri Libertarian Party in both state and federal courts for kicking the Granby resident out of the organization, and sued Newton County Clerk Kay Baum over his bid for sheriff in 1996. He has also sued Jasper County Judge Joe Shoeberl for alleged constitutional rights violations.

2 Responses to “Gag on Lindstedt Mental Evaulation”

  1. Joseph C. Keller, M. D. Says:

    Lindstedt was jailed (long-term solitary confinement and nearly incommunicado) EIGHT DAYS after presenting a concise, fact-based thesis on the messageboard,, that the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT is secretly funding the U.S. NEO-NAZI movement, for nefarious purposes unknown. Is this not significant?

    Lindstedt has been jailed for 6 months and has not been tried. Why don’t people get speedy trials anymore? Is it because the U.S. Constitution is a dead letter?

    If he’s so guilty, let’s see the evidence - PUBLICLY (not secretly), in open court, as the law says. Or maybe judges don’t pay any attention to the law, because they’re “regimist criminals”, just as Lindstedt says.

    Somebody calls you a child molester, somebody else quotes some incomplete sentences out of context, and any judge can order you to life in prison without trial, just like Martin Lindstedt. As the “Gitmo” inmate asked, “Is this freedom, Bush?” Al-Qaida hates our freedom? What freedom?

    Why the gag order on the mental evaluation? Why not announce it, if he’s been found mentally incompetent? And why no public hearings on the matter? Because, maybe, the shrinks found that he is NOT mentally incompetent?

    I wanted to attend Lindstedt’s hearings, but it was impractical for me because I live hundreds of miles away and the hearings were routinely canceled at the last minute. Is that really a public trial?

    Although Lindstedt (who DOES earn his family’s living raising grassfed poultry, truckdriving, barbedwire fencemending and as a local middleman for aluminum can recyclers) is slightly too wealthy to qualify for a public defender, the Public Defender compassionately filed two letters protesting the judge’s policy of forcing Lindstedt to accept representation. Lindstedt doubts that any lawyer that he can afford, will represent him honestly (there is tremendous pressure to betray a client as politically incorrect as Lindstedt).

    Why can’t the judge let Lindstedt talk at his hearing for more than, according to the Neosho Daily News article above, “SECONDS”? After all, the trial (oops, I forgot, there isn’t going to be a trial until Lindstedt is an old man) is about LINDSTEDT, he IS the defendant, and he’d been sitting in jail for 5 months, so why can’t he talk longer than “seconds”? Is it because Lindstedt might say something that the judge has been instructed not to let even the local newspaperman hear? Like, “The FEDERAL GOVERNMENT is funding the NEO-NAZI movement and I posted proof of that on a messageboard 8 days before they threw me in Monte Cristo”?

  2. esso Says:

    For what purpose would the Feds be funding neo-Nazis?

    What have neo-Nazis actually done lately?

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