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A Few News Items…

It looks like Minneapolis city councilman Natalie Johnson Lee, a Green Party member, appears to be in a tough and very nasty fight for re-election.

NY Newsday provided this fairly superficial overview of the eight independents and third party candidates running for governor of New Jersey this year.

Green blogger Ken Sain reports that the Elizabeth Dickinson campaign for mayor of St. Paul, which ended with Ms. Dickinson’s third place showing in the primary, hasn’t actually ended yet. It appears that instead of packing up and going home, the campaign is evolving into a new group that will work to inject progressive issues into the debate.

The Libertarian Party took a poll on what members thought about the monthly newspaper (“LP News”). Here are the results of the poll, and some commentary from Liberty for Sale.

7 Responses to “A Few News Items…”

  1. Mike N. Says:

    You really just discredited this blog by linking to that hideous Liberty For Sale joke.

  2. Austin Cassidy Says:

    Why’s that?

  3. George Phillies Says:

    LIberty for Sale has been substantially influential, for better or worse, on the recent erratic trajectory of the Libertarian National Party. It appears to have a relatively substantial reader base for a libertarian blog.

    Intelligent readers will note that reading a single blog is apt to be confusing or misleading, and that other blogs e.g. this one and, are also worth reading.

    While once upon a time libertarians were in a relatively advanced state on the internet, they now lag badly, as witness that the reliance on oldfashioned blogs rather than the modern technology seen on dailykos and democraticunderground.

    Mind you, I am not faulting blogs as an internet tool, and thirdpartywatch does a truly excellent job with its reporting, but for large scale interactions of many people they are a step behind the times.

  4. eso Says:

    Concerning the NY Newsday article…it’s not all that superficial, considering that they had 8 candidates to cover.

  5. Austin Cassidy Says:

    It’s as in depth as they usually get on third party candidates. The Dem and Rep in the race will each get a dozen full articles profiling them, their childhood, their views on policy, their views on trivial nonsense…

    Also, some of the third party candidates (2-3 at least) are people with real political experience and who aren’t running joke campaigns. It’s annoying when Wes Bell and Jeff Pawlowski are profiled on the same level as “NJ Weedman” - then again, they’ve all got about the same chance of winning, so it’s hard to complain.

  6. Jim 101 Says:

    Any coverage of the third party candidates is a good thing, but it would be nice to see a full article given to the serious contenders, like the Green or Libertarian candidate.

    I agree Austin, it is annoying to see the serious campaigns lumped in with the odd-balls out there. It makes them all seem like fringe candidates and weirdos…

  7. George Whitfield Says:

    It appears that Jeff Pawlowski will be in two debates. So I am especially glad that I contributed to his campaign. Congratulations to the New Jersey Libertarian Party.

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