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Third Party National Conference?

So, there’s some sort of national conference of third parties going on next month. I don’t completely understand what it is, or what will actually happen there… but the organization hosting it seems to mean well. It’s certainly a good idea to get people together, but the execution bothers me a little bit.

My problem is that on the website, they give the same billing to the Libertarian and Green parties as they do to the “Star Party” and the “Corrective Action Party” - whatever those are.

Actually, the Star Party is described as…

“A people, passionate and responsible, acting as a guiding star, pursuing the highest quality of life, liberty and happiness for all.”

And of course, the Corrective Action Party…

“A set of four ‘Corrective Actions’ is required to bring government and banking to heel as servants, not masters, of labor that digs the ditches, plants the seeds, harvests the crops, builds the houses, fixes the plumbing and takes out the garbage (physical labor requirements that cannot ever be satisfied by the Internet, or any of the most sophisticated of electronic analog or digital computers that can ever be designed and built by the hand of man).”

Right. That sounds reasonable. :D

It does appear that someone from the American Patriot Party will be giving a speech on “Third Party Priorities”. Considering my past history with that party, I’m kind of sorry I won’t get to see what he has to say…

If anyone’s going to this, please email me and maybe you can file some reports if there’s anything worth reporting on.

Also worth looking at is the biography of the guy organizing this…

“The concept for the 3PNC was inspired by Daniel R. Vovak, who at 31 was the youngest candidate to compete for President of the United States in 2003-4. Vovak, who initially ran his campaign as a Democrat, ultimately competed as a Republican.”

Has anyone else read the whole “you must be 35” portion of the Constitution? Not sure how he was running or if he got any votes. Although I’m pretty sure he wasn’t on the ballot anywhere…

21 Responses to “Third Party National Conference?”

  1. Joe Says:

    I don’t know much about it either, but it doesn’t bother me that they give equal billing to all parties. If you want to get a broad coalition together, it is necessary to treat all parties as more or less equal. Nobody would want to participate and be considered second fiddle.

  2. David A Spitzley Says:

    I find it unfortunate (to say the least) that they appear to have used party descriptions from Politics1, which in the case of the Green Party appears to be egregiously out of date. If they’ve actually got participation from these parties (and I can’t say that I’ve heard anything from Green quarters about it), I’m puzzled why they didn’t get statements from them.

  3. rj Says:

    I think there needs to be a distinction made between legitimate third parties and third parties that just exist to “exist”.

    Maybe if we call parties that are not active or don’t do much “fourth parties”, placing them below people that actually try.

  4. Austin Cassidy Says:

    “I don’t know much about it either, but it doesn’t bother me that they give equal billing to all parties. If you want to get a broad coalition together, it is necessary to treat all parties as more or less equal. Nobody would want to participate and be considered second fiddle.”

    But some of these groups are second fiddle. The Constitution Party is a real third party, so are the Libertarian and Greens. The WV Mountain Party is a real single-state party. Even the Reform Party and the APP, as messed up as they might be, still have real platforms and real organizations. But the “Corrective Action Party” and the “Star Party” aren’t parties at all… and to put them on the same stage belittles the real and successful work of the LP, GP, and CP…

    Third parties work so hard to distance themselves from terms like “fringe” and “wacky” - this doesn’t help.

  5. Jim 101 Says:

    I really like the idea of having a national conference of third parties. As a matter of fact, IMO it is long over-due.

    There are far to many third parties that have very similar platforms and issues, and maybe some of them can hash out there small differences and merge themselves together into a bigger, more effective party. For instance, the CP could merge with the American First Party, and the American Patriot Party, all of which have very similar beliefs.

    Probably a pipe dream, but it would be nice to see!

  6. Austin Cassidy Says:

    Well, that’s sort of my point. However, I would have to ask… why on Earth would the large and successful Constitution Party merge with the America First and American Patriot parties? Neither of them have much of any national organization, elected officials, or active state chapters.

    The AFP and APP might want to consider joining the CP instead of trying to go it alone, since the CP is so much larger than both of those other parties combined…

  7. Jim 101 Says:

    Basically to swallow them up and eliminate them as competition, (not now so much, but possibly in the future) takeover their memberships, and pool whatever resources they can provide.

    Right now, somebody shopping around for a conservative third party can easily become frustrated by the myriad of parties all pretty much offering the same things. Having one conservative, constitutionally based third party could change that, and make them more of a force to be reckoned with.

  8. Fred C Says:

    Gotta show some support for the Corrective Action Party, it’s pretty blatantly just a vehicle for Bernard Palicki, and maybe a few of his closest supporters. Though the website is hard to navigate and some of his broader judgments on globalism might sound almost like conspiracy theories, he does have the distinction of offering a real economic program (his “corrective actions”), which is something many third parties have failed to do besides the ideological snippets in their platforms. Maybe he’ll network with some folks in the LP or CP and hook up with them.

  9. Austin Cassidy Says:

    True. The only issue I have with the current CP is that (for me) they’re a little too religion-focused.

  10. Joe Says:

    I would have no problem distinguishing between a political party and a “political club.” For me the distinction would be whether the group has ever run a candidate for public office. If they have, I would treat them the same as every other party, regardless of size.

  11. Jim 101 Says:

    Austin Cassidy Says:

    True. The only issue I have with the current CP is that (for me) they’re a little too religion-focused.

    I think many of us have the same issue with the current CP. While I agree with their party platform and issues, it’s a tough sell when they invoke God, Christianity, and religon in every statement, speech, and utterance the party makes.

    Probably the only reason the other constitutionally based third parties like APP and the AFP even exist, is they are not nearly as religous as the CP. I’d be willing to guess that if the CP moderated themselves abit, we would see a merger of these and other conservative parties…

  12. Brian Says:

    Hey Jim101.
    Sounds like you’re saying what I’ve been saying on the message boards for a while now. I think it’s time for a unified Conservative Party to emerge. If you would be interested in starting a group that would help encourage and facilitate that, let me know, and I’ll give you my email so we can talk further.


  13. Chronicler Says:

    I have thought for some time that the notion of Third Parties should be better defined. Although no one asked, I thought that I would post it here in case others would like to comment. Here is the way I define the non-D/R parties:

    1) Minor Parties - those parties that function on a national level in at least ten states. This would include the Constitution, Green, Libertarian, Socialist Workers, and Reform Parties. These parties almost always garner over 15,000 votes in Presidential elections and usually far more for Congressional races.

    2) One-state parties - those parties that operate in only one or two states. Peace & Freedom, Liberty Union, Working Families, Conservative (NY), etc.

    3) Miniscule Parties - those parties that are active but in 1-9 states. This would include the Prohibition, Socialist, Workers World, Workers League, and Independent American Parties.

    4) Nascent Parties - those parties that are either (A) single-individual parties or (B) those which rarely ever get candidates on the ballot. I don’t know why these groups get called third parties but they usually do.

  14. Ron Hardy Says:

    I think I met Vovak, I think he’s the guy that was going around Iowa in one of those Grey Whigs (like a colonial I guess) running for President despite the fact he was only 30. He was pushing a book he was selling about running around running for President. I’m pretty sure this is him. He was at a conference of the Iowa Library Association pushing his book, wearing the whig.

  15. Austin Cassidy Says:

    Yep, same guy.

  16. Jim 101 Says:


    That sounds good and I’d be willing to do what I can to help. It certainly won’t be an easy task though, to get party leaders, no matter how small and ineffectual they may be, to give up there powers for the better good…

  17. Brian Says:

    Thanks Jim, that’s great. Give me an email at [email protected], and we’ll see what we can get started.


  18. Daniel R. Vovak Says:

    I thank all of you for your open discussion about the 3rd Party National Conference 10/13-16 in New Hampshire. We now have 18 political parties participating.

  19. Austin Cassidy Says:

    If I may ask, what are the names of those parties?

  20. Daniel R. Vovak Says:

    Political parties attending include:

    Libertarian Party of New Hampshire
    Constitution Party
    Reform Party of RI and NV
    Mountain Party of West Virginia
    American Patriot Party
    Green Party of the United States
    We the People
    American Reform Party 
    U.S. Parliamentary Party
    Star Party
    Corrective Action Party
    U.S. Marijuana Party
    Pot Party
    Concerns of the People 
    Natural Law Party
    United States Corporatist Party
    Republican Moderate Party of Alaska
    NH Committee for an Independent Voice

    Some of the smaller parties are sending only letters of support, due to costs involved in travel.

  21. Bill Says:

    Representatives of your party attended this small conference so I am writing to you to give you information regarding Dan Vovak and the 3pnc Third Party National Conference ( Dan Vovak is the founder and organizer of this group. He also ran for President in 2004 and US Senate in Illinois at the same time. I am writing to show you the material which I have found regarding him so that people within Third Parties are not taken in and fooled by this man.

    The first link below is to his blog site. The clips below are things he has said on his blog site openly bashing gays, calling them ‘freaks’ and more. The links below each blog is the direct link to his site where the blog is listed. He got wind of this about to be reported so he did try to change at least one (9-26-2005). For this reason I included the cached site from google so you could see. Please do what you can with this.

    He also claims that the National Natural Law Party was in attendance at the conference. As you know that party has not existed since April 2004.


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    When he found out that this would be sent out he changed it so none of the ‘gay’ comments would be there anymore. So here is the site cached on google so you know that is was that way.

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