Keyes to Endorse Gilchrist


Reliable sources tell Politics1 that former Ambassador and two-time GOP Presidential candidate Alan Keyes will become the latest Republican to cross party lines to endorse Minuteman Project founder Jim Gilchrist (AIP-CA) in the CD-48 special election set for Tuesday. Keyes is expected to make the endorsement in California on Friday afternoon at an event celebrating the first anniversary of the controversial civilian border patrol group.

Congressman Tom Tancredo has also crossed party lines to back Gilchrist. The election is next Tuesday.

4 Responses to “Keyes to Endorse Gilchrist”

  1. John M. Says:

    Keyes is considered a nut by about half of conservatives around the country and wonderful by the other half. This is also true of Rep. Tom Tancredo. Both of their endorsements of Gilchrist could “cancel each other out”.

  2. John M. Says:

    I’m also surprised that radio talk show host Michael Savage doesn’t come out and endorse Gilchrist as well.

  3. Jim 101 Says:

    I think we’ll see quite a few more disgusted Republicans crossing lines to endorse and support Gilchrest before election time.

    True Republicans are fed up with the Bush administration, and are looking to distance themselves from what is fast becoming a disastrous second term.

  4. Centrist Chris Says:

    I wonder if Gilchrest will get enough GOP endorsements to get enough votes to spoil the race for the Republans. That would be fantastic!