Constitution Party Selling DVDs…

Speeches and presentations from the Constitution Party’s national committee meeting in September are now for sale…

William K. Shearer on U.S. Trade Policies - 1 Hr 5 Min

Dr. Chuck Baldwin - 32 Min

Tom DeWeese on Property Rights and Eminent Domain - 40 Min

Michael Peroutka - 27 Min

Jim Wade on Fast Track for Immigration - 32 Min

Kim Stofler on Gun Control and the Second Amendment - 37 Min

Each DVD is $20.00 or acquire the entire set of 6 DVDs for only $ 100.00!

The address to order that was provided in the email is:

Mike Maddox
P.O. Box 75287
Fort Thomas, KY 41075-0287

Questions go to [email protected]

(Note: this isn’t an advertisement or anything, I’m just passing along the ad that was sent to me in case anyone is interested in getting any of these. I’m not connected and I make no money or anything like that from it.)

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