Gilchrist Fundraising Numbers

As reported by Ballot Access News:

California is holding a special congressional election on Oct. 4. Campaign reports filed September 22 with the Federal Election Commission show that Constitution (American Independent) Party candidate Jim Gilchrist has raised more money than any Democrat running in the race. Gilchrist raised $111,731, whereas the leading Democrat, Steve Young, had only raised $62,493. Two Republicans, however, raised considerably more than Gilchrist. State Senator John Campbell had raised $795,019, and Assemblymember Marilyn Brewer had raised $577,259.

4 Responses to “Gilchrist Fundraising Numbers”

  1. Centrist Chris Says:

    That’s pretty sad for the Democrats. Why can’t my party ever raise any money?

  2. George Phillies Says:

    In the CA 48 special election, Mr. Gilchrist of the Minuteman group is running as the Constitution candidate.

    He raised $111 731, more than either Democratic candidate (or so reports). He has spent $20,000, and owes another $30,000, but as I understand CA primary law he actually cannot be defeated in his party primary, because he is the only candidate, so this spending is development toward the general election.

    And now the interesting part, spending and sources:

    A PAC that gave Gilchrist money is the Tancredo APC, a conservative Republican PAC. A consultant is a Mr Muth, who appears to be a noted right-wing Republican. A debt is to “Liberty Phone Center”, a right wing operation quartered with the National Right to Work Center. This is a lot of right-wing money, shifting away from the Republican.

    To read more details, go to electronic filings, and search on Gilchrist .

  3. Austin Cassidy Says:

    It’s far right money sloshing around… the two main Republicans combined have out raised him by better than 10-1.

    I’ll be happy if he can pull a nice solid third place showing.

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