Gilchrist Facing Nasty Fight…

Republican Congressional candidate John Campbell apparently thinks Jim Gilchrist is drawing off enough support to be a concern in the fast-approaching California special election…

The Gilchrist Press Release:

Attendees at the state convention of the California GOP were shocked and dismayed to learn that operatives of candidate John Campbell had attempted to move a resolution that threatened with “expulsion from the California Republican Party” any member of the state GOP who “supports, advocates, or assists in any way” the campaign of Congressional candidate “Minuteman” Jim Gilchrist.

Phil Paule, who works closely with advisors of the Campbell campaign, introduced a draft resolution to the Rules Committee against Gilchrist that would have effectually made the State Chairman of the California Republican Party a “Grand Inquisitor” of political conformity.

Gilchrist responded, “My candidacy clearly scares the career politicians, because the voters are demanding action to solve our border crisis, and to end the lawlessness of illegal immigration. Unfortunately, establishment elements of the Republican Party have become increasingly hostile to those of us who see illegal immigration as a serious problem - despite the fact that those in the GOP concerned with border security and illegal immigration are polling at over 80%.”

“Some in the Republican Party leadership are more concerned with keeping out conservatives determined to see law enforcement on these critical issues than keeping out illegal aliens themselves - and that is a recipe for electoral disaster,” Gilchrist said.

During the weekend-long gathering of the Republican Party in Anaheim, Jim Gilchrist, 48th District Congressional Candidate and Minuteman Founder, was warmly welcomed by Republican delegates, and embraced enthusiastically by hundreds of conservative activists.

Mr. Gilchrist was repeatedly commended for his patriotism and dedication to America for founding the Minuteman border watch movement. He was greatly encouraged in his campaign efforts to hold the Republican Party accountable to its grassroots—and its Reagan Platform—on national security, national sovereignty, and immigration law enforcement.

On Saturday, Gilchrist spoke to, among other gatherings, the Republican Hispanic Caucus, the Republican Lawyers Association, and the College Republicans to address border crisis issues and the need for new leadership - and enjoyed a universally favorable response to his appearances.

Later, he addressed a Minuteman Project Reception, attended by well over 200 supporters of the civilian border watch movement. Jim Gilchrist let Republican rank-and-file know, “If you want to send a message about illegal immigration you don’t do it by voting for John Campbell, you do it by voting to put Jim Gilchrist in Congress.”

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