Quick Blog Round-Up…

Sean Haugh and the North Carolina Libertarian Party have filed suit against the state in order to reclaim their ballot status. Should be a case to watch!

Ken Sain reports on an interesting debate between Mike Feinstein and Peter Camejo over the future direction of the Green Party.

In another twist and turn in the battle over who will actually debate in the NJ Governor’s race… Ballot Access News reports that the League of Women Voters has invited the Democratic, Republican, Libertarian nominees, and an independent candidate. Perhaps we will see at least one 4-way debate after all.

9 Responses to “Quick Blog Round-Up…”

  1. George Whitfield Says:

    I am looking forward to Jeffrey Pawlowski’s participation in the League of Women Voters debate. The Libertarian positions will make the event much more interesting and informative. I am glad I contributed to his campaign and wish him well.

  2. Lex Says:

    Off topic, but there is an interesting article on divisions within the Green Party on Counterpunch:


  3. Amani S. Says:

    Is it me or is everyone in NJ out of the loop?
    Went to look at the LWV website, there is nothing there about this election.
    Most of the stuff is from 2002. There haven’t been elections in NJ since 2002.
    I would love to see some libertarian ideas in the debates, but I don’t think anyone knows what is going on.

  4. Jay Edgar Says:

    Your right, I just went to the LWVNJ site. Their elections page is from 2002. Actually it links to a 2002 nj state page.

    Jeff has indeed received a package from them inviting him to the debate on October 18th. Corzine and Forester have already accepted. So I’m happy with the league of women voters.

    NJN on the other hand I”m totally unhappy with. They are holding a separate debate on October 20th. Forester has agreed to be there, but I think NJN won’t invite him! It messes with NJN’s plans for political apartheid.

  5. Amani S. Says:

    That is great news.
    Jeff should put that on his blog.
    Also, who will have the web broadcast of that?
    We need a littlt more info on the site.

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