Badnarik Reaches Out To Natural Law Party

From the Badnarik for Congress website comes this pitch for Natural Law Party voters...

Michael Badnarik is a graduate of a program that was based in TM. He meditates daily and understands and uses scientific solutions

Michael respects the concepts advocated by Dr. John Hagelin and applauds any innovative approaches to create peace through voluntary means that respect individual liberty

Does anyone know what program in transcendental meditation Badnarik “graduated” from?

Also, could they be making it any easier for their opposition to turn around and discredit the entire campaign? In a Texas Congressional race, weird new age cults probably don’t play well with 95% of the population. The major parties just need to mention TM and tie it to “yogic flying” and that’s all she wrote.

3 Responses to “Badnarik Reaches Out To Natural Law Party”

  1. Lex Says:

    I don’t think anyone will change their vote after finding out that someone meditates.

    If Badnarik will be criticized, it will most likely be for refusing to get a Texas driver’s license, after finding out that they required a fingerprint and a Social Security number. That will backfire on the major party candidates, though, when they discover that most Texans would just as soon abolish the DMV anyway.

  2. Otto Kerner Says:

    You forget one thing, though: the anti-Badnarik will obviously be swamped by all the Natural Law people who will be rushing to join his side on its march toward victory!

  3. Stuart Richards Says:

    Yeah, seriously… no election was ever decided because of the Natural Law Party swing vote.

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