Zeese Files To Run

Former Nader spokesman Kevin Zeese has officially entered the Maryland Senate race. He’s running as a an independent working to secure backing from several minor parties including the Greens and Libertarians.

From WTOP:

Kevin Zeese, former spokesman for Ralph Nader’s presidential campaign, will run as an independent, anti-war candidate for the U.S. Senate next year.

Zeese paid his filing fee Monday at the State Board of Elections, joining a growing field of candidates made up so far mostly of Democrats.

“The major issue will be the Iraq war,” Zeese said.

He said a majority of Marylanders now believe the war was a mistake and will have a candidate who represents their views.

Zeese said the war was partly responsible for a poor response to Hurricane Katrina because of the millions of dollars spent on the fighting and because too many troops and national guard members were stationed in Iraq.

“Katrina is the Iraq war come home to roost,” he said.

He said he also will support economic policies that will favor average Americans instead of the wealthy and will work for protection of the environment.

Zeese said the federal government needs to divert the money being spent in Iraq into repairing a crumbling national infrastructure and meeting the basic needs of Americans.

Zeese said he will be actively seeking the support of three minor political parties _ the Populist Party that got Nader on the ballot in Maryland last year, the Libertarian Party and the Green Party.

He said he will be able to tap into national and local sources of campaign funds through supporters of Ralph Nader and of the Green and Populist parties to finance a campaign.

“I think there is a growing throw-the-bums-out mentality,” he said. “I am running to win.”

The pending retirement of Sen. Paul S. Sarbanes has already attracted several candidates for the 2006 election, and others are considering getting into the race.

Democratic candidates include Rep. Benjamin Cardin, former Rep. Kweisi Mfume, social activist A. Robert Kaufman and psychiatrist Lise Van Susteren, the sister of Fox News television personality Greta Van Susteren. Allan Lichtman, a history professor and Democratic activist who is a commentator for major television and cable networks, plans to announce his candidacy Wednesday, and Josh Rales, the owner of a real estate investment firm, is considering entering the race.

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