Potts At 6% In New Poll

Republican State Senator Russ Potts, running as an independent candidate in this Fall’s Virginia gubernatorial election, is polling at about 6% of the vote according to a new Mason-Dixon survey.

Potts needs to reach 15% in two statewide polls before October 9th in order to participate in a 3-way debate with his major party rivals. At this point, Potts enjoys only 49% name recognition in Virginia… but he’s hoping that will change with his first round of television advertisements that go on the air this week in all major markets.

5 Responses to “Potts At 6% In New Poll”

  1. Big Sexy Says:

    I wonder, if Potts wins will he form a new party or still be a republican?

  2. Tim West Says:

    IF he wins, the RP of Virginia will kick him out for winning against “their” candidate.

    I personally cant stand either Kaine or Kilgore, and I hope Potts takes them all down. Enough to where I may donate some money his way. He’s no libertarian, but he’s not ducking the tough questions and I work right in his home district, in Winchester.

  3. Big Sexy Says:

    If he kicks out, the Reform Party or the American First Party should reach out to Potts. If he doesn’t win he might make a good bid for congress or the senate.

  4. Austin Cassidy Says:

    I think he’s already made it pretty clear that he won’t run for any future offices if this doesn’t work out.

    Also, he’s pretty liberal for the AFP. I think they’d prefer Jerry Kilgore over him.

  5. Tim West Says:

    Whatever happens, Potts is done in the Republican Party of Virginia. If he costs Kilgore the election, they will probably put out a contract on him. :D