Potts Launches TV Campaign…

Russ Potts, a Republican State Senator and independent candidate for Governor of Virginia, has been hovering in mid-single digits in the polls for the last few weeks.

Last week, Potts debated Democratic candidate Tim Kaine one-on-one, Republican Jerry Kilgore refused to take part. A Washington Post poll, taken a few days before the debate showed Potts with the support of 4% of the state’s voters.

Tomorrow, Potts steps up his campaign even more as he launches a television ad blitz to introduce himself to Virginia voters.

From WAVY:

Eager to gain traction in statewide polls with a comical and clamorous commercial that plays off his name, Russ Potts is taking his independent campaign for governor to television.

The Republican state senator estranged from his own party hired the same Minneapolis-based ad firm made famous by its unconventional work for Jesse Ventura, an independent who was elected governor of Minnesota in 1998.

Both ads open with a succession of brief scenes in which ordinary people are banging on kitchen pots and chanting “We want Potts.” The ads show Potts addressing a rally of placard-waving supporters outside a courthouse.

Potts’s campaign says the ads, intended to boost Potts’ name recognition, open in all Virginia markets Sunday.

3 Responses to “Potts Launches TV Campaign…”

  1. ABAsite Says:

    I’m beginning to think a Potts victory is not impossible.

  2. Centrist Chris Says:

    Just wanted to let everyone know that I will be giving full coverige of the German Election today on my Website. http://associatedemocratsabroadgermany.blogspot.com/

  3. Tim West Says:

    he says he has over a half million dollars in the bank. Potts numbers will go up after he gets on TV.

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