Santoyo a Very Distant Second

It appears that those working to elect a second Green Party state legislator will not be happy with the results from tonight’s special election in Pennsylvania. As we had reported on several days ago, some had hopes that Marlene Santoyo would be successful in bringing out the vote for a low turn-out special election in the 200th district.

With 93% reporting…

Cherelle Parker (DEM) 2,831 votes - 76%
Marlene Santoyo (GRN) 601 votes - 16%
Robert Rossman (REP) 296 votes - 8%

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  1. Big Sexy Says:

    It’s strange to see an election where the Green gets twice as many votes as the Republican, but then I live in the south. Not a bad showing though. The Greens should run her again.

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